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Immigration Blog about US & Canadian Immigration matters.

Immigration Blog about US & Canadian Immigration matters. If you would like to learn about US and Canadian immigration matters you have came to the right place to read blogs.

Inviting Your Parents and Grandparents to Canada


Super Visa

Have you been planning to visit family over in Canada? Are you unaware of what a super visa is? Are you thinking about applying for a super visa? If you have answered yes to any of these questions don’t worry as many other people just like you encounter the same situation.

What is a super visa

A super visasuper visa lets you visit your children or grandchildren who are either a permanent resident or a Canadian citizen in Canada for a maximal length of 2 years at a time.

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Who can apply for a Super visa


Applying for a Super Visa

Many families have been split apart as a result of children and grandchildren attempting to immigrate to Canada and start a new life. The government of Canada takes this into consideration and allows for a process called the super visa. The super visa is a visitor’s visa visitor’s visa for parents and grandparents who wish to visit their children or grandchildren in Canada. This super visaThis super visa allows for multiple persons to visit Canada for a period of 2 years at a time and with a status period of up to 10 years. This article will talk about who is eligible for a super visa, what to do if it is refused, super visa extensions, and financial requirements in order to allow for a parent/grandparent to obtain a super visa.

Eligibility required to apply for a super visa

  • An applicant can apply for a super visa if they meet the requirements requirements for temporary residence in Canada as a visitor and provide the proper documentation. They require documents such as:proof of their relationship to the child or grandchild (who must be a Canadian citizen or permanent resident)
  • proof of a medical examination and of being medically admissible into Canada
  • evidence that the child or grandchild is able to provide financial support through meeting the low income cut-off (LICO) minimum (a co-signer may be added to meet the LICO minimum)

Application process of a super visa

After your application is sent, it will be processed at the visa office to make sure it has been done correctly and that it contains all the necessary documents. A visa officer will decide if an interview is necessary. If an interview is required, you will be notified about the interview. If your application is refused, your passport and other documents will be returned. You will also receive a letter telling you why your application was refused. If you sent forged or fake, they will not be returned to you. If your application is approved, your passport and other documents will be returned to you with your super visa. Note that a valid temporary resident visa (TRV) and a valid travel document do not guarantee you entry into the country. You may not be allowed to enter if you arrive in Canada and a Canadian official finds that you are no longer admissible because there has been new information about you which has appeared (such as a forged document).

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Super Visa Application


Want to See Your Parents and Grandparents more Often?

Canada, being a land of immigrants, is filled with individuals who have migrated here, but have left members of their family behind in their country of origin, for one reason or another. This is often unavoidable, as it is not easy for an elderly individual to migrate their entire life overseas, and across borders. The Canadian government recognizes there are many families who are separated by borders and oceans, which do not get to see each other as often as they would like. For this, they have introduced the parents and grandparents super visa. The super visa program, allows parents and grandparents to apply for a document which allows them to visit Canada an unlimited number of times during the period which it is valid, and stay in Canada much longer than is typically allowed on a visitor’s visa. Though this does not allow families to reunite on a permanent basis, it does allow them to reunite much more often, for extended periods of time. Throughout this article, I will explain what a super visa is, and how to apply for one.

What is a Super Visa?

A super visa essentially a multiple entry visa. Specifically, the super visa is a temporary resident visa which is granted for a 10 year period, and allows individuals to enter Canada as many times as they would like. During this time, the visa-holder can stay in Canada for a period of up to 2 years.

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