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Immigration Blog about US & Canadian Immigration matters. If you would like to learn about US and Canadian immigration matters you have came to the right place to read blogs.
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Authorization to Return to Canada

Authorization to Return to Canada

Removal Order from Canada

Have you been removed or deported from Canada previously and are ready to travel back there again? Most people, when removed or deported from Canada, don’t know how to get back into the country again, they do not even know if they are able to do so. At Akrami & Associates, we can help you decipher whether or not you are eligible or authorized to return to Canada. At Akrami & Associates, we have a team of knowledgeable and experienced associates who have successfully solved over 15,000 cases and would be more than happy to help you with your legality needs/inquiries as well.

What is Authorization to return to Canada (ARC)?

Not to be confused with Temporary Resident Permits (TRP), Authorization to Return to Canada, also known as ARC is the process one has to go through if they have previously been removed from Canada. There are three ways in which you can be removed from Canada, the first being a Deportation order, followed by Exclusion Order and the last being a Departure Order. As mentioned earlier, do not confuse the authorization to return to Canada with a TRP. A TRP, the abbreviation for the term “temporary resident permit”, is a makeshift permit that grants you entry into Canada if you have an inadmissibility issue such as DUI, felony, misdemeanor etc. ARC applications are for individuals depending on the type of removal order they got based on that it can be determined what you need to apply for. For example, if you had come to Canada as visitor, student or worker and you overstayed your welcome stay then you would need to apply for an ARC application as you violated an immigration rule. Another example would if you misrepresented yourself meaning you lied on your application or withheld information from an immigration officer. Also if you were removed for health reasons from Canada you would need to apply for ARC application. The main difference between a TRP and an ARC is the reasoning behind each stay. For a TRP, you are insisting on residing in Canada for a specific period of time whereas for an ARC, you are asking permission to return to Canada because the Canadian government has previously removed you. Authorization to return to Canada, likewise its name, is the approval you have to get from the government to be able to enter the country again.

Three Types of Removal Orders

There are three types of removal orders; deportation order, departure order, and exclusion order. I will briefly explain each type of removal order because for each order, there may be situations in which you do not need/are not required to apply for an ARC. For a departure order, you are given a time frame of 30 days to leave Canada. If you do return back to your home country within those 30 days and verify your departure with an officer, you do not need an ARC for the next time you return to Canada. However, if you do not leave Canada within the 30 days, or if you do not verify your departure, the departure order will turn into a deportation order and you will need to apply for ARC. For an exclusion order, you are informed to not return to Canada for at least a year. Now, if you receive an exclusion order and do not enter Canada for (at least) a year and you also have a certificate of departure, you do not require an ARC. However, if you return to Canada within those 12 months and do not have a certificate of departure, you will have to complete an ARC. If you are issued a deportation order, you will have to complete an ARC no matter what your situation may be.

Who is Eligible to Apply for Authorization to Return to Canada?

If you are a foreign citizen of another country and have given a removal order and wish to return back to Canada, you may be eligible to apply for Authorization to Return to Canada (ARC). In order to be eligible for an ARC, you must convince the officer that you have good intentions and that you will be residing in Canada for only a temporary period of time. In order to prove to the officer that you will be leaving Canada after your time period is up, you will have to demonstrate that you have ties back to your home country. If you were deported previously because of criminal inadmissibility, you will need to apply for Criminal Rehabilitation or Temporary Resident Permit depending on your situation before you can apply for the Authorization to Return to Canada. If you want to come to Canada for any reason, visiting, studying, immigrating etc., you should not submit a separate application for an ARC, as it may be a waste of your money. If your application is approved, the ARC will be dealt within that specific application itself. If you need any assistance in doing so, contact Akrami & Associates today so that we could help assist you with your case. In addition to the ARC you may also require other documents to enter Canada for example if you come from a non-visa exempt country you would need to apply for Temporary Resident Visa and meet the requirements for that application.

How to Apply for Authorization to Return to Canada

In order to apply for an ARC, you would have to go online and complete the online application. You could choose to complete the application online or by hand if you choose to print off the form. If you pay and fill out your application online, you could use your Visa®, MasterCard® or American Express®. You can pay online using only those three methods of payment and nothing else. Most people do not know how to pay online and end up making mistakes, which results in failed applications because if you do not pay the application-processing fee, your paper cannot be processed. When hiring Akrami & Associates we do everything from beginning to finish until we get a decision on the application. As you may know by know, government fees are not free of charge. As for the Authorization to Return to Canada processing fee, it is $400 CAD. Unfortunately, if you do pay the processing fee but your application gets denied, you cannot get your money back, it is a one time fee that you will have to pay each time you complete and want to submit an application.

Important Document for ARC Application

In order to have a successful application you need to include a few documents, as mentioned earlier, to ensure a successful application. To convince an officer that you will benefit the Canadian Government but will indeed return to your home country because of your ties, you need to include many documents proving that you have ties to your home country and other documents that prove that you will not repeat any of your past criminal behavior. Some documents to include are, a copy of your passport, reason behind your entry/return, the length of time since the removal order was issued, and proof that you will not repeat any previous criminal behaviours. Proof that you could include regarding the fact that you will not repeat any previous criminal behaviours would be the time elapsed after your criminal offence and what you did to overcome your situation and reasoning behind how you changed/evolved as a person. It may be hard to prove some, if not all, of these things and you may not know what type of document proofs to include. One of our experienced and educated associates can help facilitate the process for you and give you assistance with your case/important documents to include.

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