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Immigration Blog about US & Canadian Immigration matters.

Immigration Blog about US & Canadian Immigration matters. If you would like to learn about US and Canadian immigration matters you have came to the right place to read blogs.

Tips for Preparing A Successful Visitor Visa Application


What To Include in my Visitor Visa Application

Have you applied for a Visitor VisaVisitor Visa to Canada but got refused despite providing all required documentation? Well you are not alone. Many people do not know this, but one of the most difficult applications to get approved for in Canada immigration is the Visitor Visa.

A recent article in the Globe and mail confirmed an increased rate in refusals each year. In 2017, almost 600,000 people were refused a Visitor VisaVisitor Visa to Canada. This number made up over 25% of all Visitor Visa applications received that year.

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Visitor Visa Requirements


Applying for a Visitor’s Visa

Canada has always been known to be an accepting country of visitors. A visitor’s visa is a stamp on your passport which proves that you are cleared by the Canadian government to be allowed into the country. Canada accepts visitors from all backgrounds and creeds with due process. This means that if you take the necessary legal steps to apply and receive a visitor’s visa, you should have no problem obtaining a visitor’s visa. This article will talk about who needs a visitor’s visa, how to extend a visitor’s visa, and a visa overstay welcome.

Basic Travel Requirements for a Visitor’s Visa

In order for you to begin your application process, you must ensure that you oblige by this checklist to ensure that your application will run as smoothly as possible. These are the requirementsrequirements:

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Temporary Travelling Documents for Canada

Temporary Travelling Documents for Canada

Temporary Resident Visa Documents

Do you want to travel to Canada for work/business purposes? Do you want to study in Canada but live abroad? Or do you just want to visit family members? You can do all of these things when you apply and get approved for a Temporary Resident Visa (TRV). Temporary Resident Visa (TRV). Unfortunately, if you do not have the privilege of living in Canada, it is quite a process to do many things that require quite a bit of time if you are not a citizen or permanent resident of Canada. At Akrami & Associates we can help you compile all your temporary travelling documents with ease so that you can come to Canada for temporary stay.

What is Temporary Resident Visa or TRV?

TRV is an abbreviation of the phrase “Temporary Resident Visa”. A Temporary Resident Visa is a visa that a foreign person, whom does not reside in Canada, requires in order to complete the duties that they desire to complete in Canada whether it is studying, working, or just visiting some friends/family. There are usually three cases in which travellers need to obtain a Temporary Resident Visa, these include individuals that want to work, to study or come for visitation purposes to Canada. These are valid reasons to apply for TRV and the documents are pretty much the same. Few things they all have in common is that when applying for temporary stay in Canada whether it is for Work PermitWork Permit, Study PermitStudy Permit or Visitor VisaVisitor Visa you need to prove your intensions to Canada is only temporary. This can be done by providing ample documents that ties you back to your home country. Also, when travelling to Canada as a temporary visitor you need to show documents that you are able to financially support yourself during your time of stay in Canada. The information page of your passport and applicable fees is another thing all applications have in common.

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