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How to write an Invitation Letter

How to write an Invitation Letter

Who is a Business Visitor?

To be considered a Business Visitor to Canada you need to be only engaging in international activities without directly entering the Canadian labour market. So these are individuals that come to attend business meetings, conferences, lectures, come for training in the Canadian parent company, come to train staff in the Canadian branch, buy Canadian goods or service, give after sales service or they come to be trained by the Canadian company for a product or service they purchased. To demonstrate your bona fida Business Visitor it would help to include a Business Invitation Letter from the employer in Canada.

Business Invitation Letter

Business Visitors do not require a work permit and therefore having an invitation letter from the person that is inviting you is highly recommended. The Business Invitation Letter should include the following information:

About the person being invited

  • First and Last Name (legal name)

  • date of birth only if you can obtain it

  • the company name

  • position title

  • his work and home address with telephone number

  • the company’s relationship with the person getting invited and their business history together

  • how do you know this person (do you know him personally are you related?)

  • reason for the trip

  • how long will this person visit the company in Canada

  • what accommodations and living expenses will the company cover

  • when the person plans on leaving Canada

About the person extending the invitation

  • first and last name (legal)

  • position in the company and their job title

  • address in Canada

  • telephone numbers in Canada

  • work email address

About the company extending the invitation

  • complete name of the company

  • headquarters address

  • address of facilities that will be visited

  • the company’s website address ( if they have one)

  • the company’s date of registration/incorporation

  • description about the firm and what type of business it is

What is a Visitor Visa?

Visitor Visa is required by persons that come from non-visa exempt countries such as India, Pakistan, Iran and other non-visa exempt countries. So if you are travelling to Canada for temporary basis and you have friends or family members in Canada it is recommended to get an invitation letter from them. The invitation letter from your friend or family in Canada helps make the application stronger for approval. But just because you have an invitation letter it does guarantee that the application will be approved. If you got friend or family in Canada but they do not want to write the invitation letter then that is ok. They have no obligation to write one but if they do it will be better for you. Below will discuss what information you need to include for the person you are inviting to Canada and what information you should include about yourself the inviter.

Information you need to include for the person you are inviting to Canada

When writing the invitation letter it does not mean you are legally responsible for the person you are inviting as the visitor to Canada. However, the invitation letter you write has to be written in good faith and you must tell the truth and intend to keep the promises you make in the letter. Also, notarize the letter you are writing, it is not required but the immigration officer may ask for it. So to avoid delays in the application it is best to get it done in advance. Once you notarize the letter, provide this to the person visiting Canada so they can include it with their application.

Information for Person you are inviting to Canada

  • their legal name (first and last)

  • their date of birth

  • their address and phone number

  • what your relationship is to the person you are inviting to Canada

  • their purpose of trip

  • how long does person intend to remain in Canada

  • where will this person stay in Canada

  • how will they support themselves while in Canada

  • when do they plan to exit Canada

Information about yourself (the inviter)

  • your legal name (first and last name)
  • your date of birth
  • your address and phone number in Canada
  • your job title
  • your status in Canada (Permanent Resident or Canadian citizen)
  • provide copy of your status document in Canada such as birth certificate, PR card copy, proof of landing (IMM1000), passport copy
  • your family details such as name of your children and spouse and their date of births
  • how many people are living in your household
  • any people you have sponsored and their application still in processing (this is a must if you submitting Super Visa application)
  • written and signed promise that you will financially support your parents or grandparents for their entire stay in Canada (only if you are submitting a super visa application)
  • provide proof that you meet the low income cut off (LICO) for the total number of people in your household and including the parent or grandparents (only if you are submitting super visa application)

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