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Does Everyone Need a TRV

Does Everyone Need a TRV

What is a TRV?

A TRV is a Temporary Resident Visa which is also known as a visitor’s visa. A Temporary Resident Visa is a permit that allows you to enter and stay in Canada for a certain period of time. It is what you would apply for if you are visiting Canada. In other words, you are only entering for a temporary period of time.

The Temporary Resident Visa can be cancelled by an officer at any time and once you leave Canada, the permit is no longer valid unless you have been allowed to leave and re-enter. There are different kinds of TRV’s, some allow you to re-enter Canada and others only allow single entry into Canada.

Applying for a Temporary Resident Visa consists of submitting an application and applying to a visa office abroad either by paper or online, as well as providing the necessary documentation to show the reason for your visit. Most people apply for a visitor’s visa for the reasons of tourism, visiting family or friends, or a business trip.

Also, some extra information is that if you are visiting family or friends, it could be helpful for you to have an invitation letter from the persons you are visiting to send with your application. Or if you are coming on a business trip, a letter from your employer stating that you have to come to Canada during such and such date and for what reasons could also be very helpful if sent in with your application.

When applying for a Temporary Resident Visa (TRV) there are a few things that you must find out:

  • Are you a citizen of a visa-exempt country?
  • If so, you must get the TRV application from your country’s or region’s specific visa office. This is because your specific visa office may have its own application form for Temporary Resident Visa.
  • If you are not a citizen of a visa-exempt country, you should submit an application for a temporary resident visa, you must also include documents as to what the purpose of your visit is.

In conclusion, if an individual is from a visa-exempt country, then they do not require a TRV with every visit. However, if the individual is from a country that is not visa exempt, then this individual will be required to obtain a TRV for each and every visit.

If you are interested in obtaining a Temporary Resident Visa, they are often easier said than done. Contact us for more information and we will assist you in gathering the right documents to compile a strong case!

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