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Apply to Visit Canada


Apply for a Visitor’s Visa

Are you considering a trip to Canada temporarily? Do you come from a non-visa exempt country? Every year over 35 million people travel to Canada. Sometimes, people come to visit relatives, or, to attend a business trip, or, maybe even for simply tourism. If you do not come from a visa-exempt country and are trying to visit Canada, you must apply for a temporary resident visa, to be permitted to enter the country. All applicants must ensure they apply for all the necessary documents before attempting to travel to Canada, to avoid being denied entry at the border. If you come from a visa-exempt country, you have less to worry about than anyone else. Or, for example if you have a criminal history, you must address your inadmissibility before being able to enter Canada. If you are thinking about travelling to Canada in the near future, continue reading this article to find information that could be beneficial for you. Let us help you in applying for the right visa today!

What is a Visitor’s Visa?

A visitor visa, otherwise known as a temporary resident visa, is a document which allows individuals who are from non-visa exempt countries to enter Canada. If you are from a visa-exempt country, you do not require a visitor visa; rather, you simply require an eTA, otherwise known as an Electronic Travel Authorization. In order to apply for a visitor’s visa, you must only be requesting to enter the country on a temporary basis. To apply for a visitor visa successfully, you must be able to prove to an immigration officer that you will leave after the period of time your visa is valid for, is up.

What is a Multiple Entry Visa?

A multiple entry visa is the same as a temporary resident visa, though, the major difference is individuals are allowed to enter and re-enter Canada for as long as the visa is valid for, and stay for a period of up to 6 months. In comparison to a regular temporary resident visa, the multiple entry visas do not expire when the applicant leaves Canada. Though, they are the same insofar as both documents only allow the individual to enter the country for 6 months or less. Overall, the requirements to apply and the application process are much the same. The major difference is the applicant must prove they require entry into the country on multiple occasions, all for a temporary period of time. Finally, all applicants must convince an immigration officer they will only engage in activities which temporary visitors to Canada are permitted to partake in.

Who can apply for a Visitor’s Visa?

To apply for a temporary resident visa, you must qualify as a “bona fide visitor.” This means there is nothing which bars them from having permission to enter the country, so long as they apply for a visitor visa. If you have a criminal record, or have overstayed your welcome in another country, you are not a bona fide visitor. To determine if a traveller is a legitimate visitor, the immigration officer reviewing an application will assess the applicants previous travel history, and whether they have a criminal record in any of the countries they have lived in. Furthermore, the officer will assess the applicants’ financial situation, and analyze the applicants declared reason for wanting to visit Canada. Finally, it is incredibly important for the applicant to demonstrate strong ties to their country of origin. In fact, this is arguably the most influential aspect of your application. If the applicant can show they are a bona fide visitor by meeting the expected standards in all of these areas, they will likely be granted entry into Canada. If the officer determines you fail to meet the standards of a bona fide visitor in any of these areas, they may ask for additional explanation, or, unfortunately, refuse the application entirely. Applying for a visitor visa seems like it shouldn’t be very difficult. Unfortunately however, visitor visa fraud is a big issue for the government, so they are very selective with who is granted a visitor visa.

Dealing with Inadmissibility

Not to be confused with a temporary resident permit, temporary resident visas only serve the purpose of allowing a bona fide visitor to Canada entry into the country for a specific, temporary period of time. A temporary resident permit (TRP) on the other hand, is used to overcome an issue of inadmissibility should not be applied for in every case. There are a variety of reasons you be inadmissible. Though, if you are, it is important to understand a TRP is one of the only ways to overcome this issue, and it only works for a temporary period of time. If you are criminally inadmissible specifically, you may be eligible for criminal rehabilitation, and you may be able to overcome your criminal inadmissibility permanently. Ultimately, if you are inadmissible, you should look into applying for a temporary resident permit to avoid being denied entry at the border. Luckily, Akrami and Associates has an abundance of experience dealing with inadmissibility, and would be happy to help you overcome yours!

Travelling with a Visitor’s Visa

No matter what type of visa an applicant has successfully acquired, all visitors must have their valid travel documents on them when travelling. A visa alone is not an official valid travel document and you will not be allowed to enter Canada with just that documentation alone. Even if an applicant has all of the required documents, it does not guarantee they will be permitted to enter the country. It is up to the discretion of a Canadian Border Service Agent (CBSA) whether or not an individual will ultimately be permitted to enter the country. The border is the final line of defense for Canadian immigration, therefore, if an immigration officer believes you do not have the intentions you submitted in your application, they will deny you entry to Canada.

If you are denied entry at the border because an officer believes you have misrepresented yourself, there is a good chance you could be banned from entering Canada for the next 5 years. This is why it is very important to submit an application which discloses ALL information, and is “complete and true.”

Contact Akrami and Associates

A visitor’s visa doesn’t have to be a difficult application to file if done correctly and provided with correct documentation. It is crucial for individuals applying to keep in mind that the vast majority of visa applications deemed successful are those that are answered thoroughly and honestly, proving the applicants as genuine. Visitor’s visas are an easy method for those travelling to Canada on a temporary basis and if failing to apply correctly, applicants can endure an increased waiting time. This will result in making it difficult to travel into the country. It is recommended for you to seek professional help and get your application done right the first time around, and here at Akrami and Associates we can provide you with more than enough information that places you with a much higher chance of approval. If you need some guidance or want to know which visa application is for you, please feel free to contact Akrami and Associates at our office at 416-477-2545 for more information, or if you would like to book a consultation with an immigration professional for more advise.

With Akrami and Associates, There is Always a Way!

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