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Applying for Post Graduate Work Permit


What is Post Graduate Work Permit

If you are an international student in Canada, you know tuition fees, textbooks, and residency can be very expensive. Most students upon graduating need to start paying off their student loans to OSAP or student line of credit from your bank. Needless to say studying in Canada can be costly. After you graduate you may be eligible to apply for a Post Graduate Work Permit (PGWP) . The work experience you gain through this application may benefit you to qualify for permanent residency.

To be eligible for the post graduate work permit you must graduate from a designated learning institution in Canada, not all learning institution make eligible for a Post Graduate Work Permit. To check if your learning institutions make you eligible for a post-graduate work permit you can search on CIC website.

When should I apply for Post Graduate Work Permit?

To be eligible for the PGWP

  • You must apply within the 180 days after your school provides your final grades

  • The program you have selected must be completed at a designated learning listed on the CIC website

  • The length of program has to be eight months or more

  • The program you have selected must lead to a degree, diploma or certificate

  • Maintain a full time status as a student for each semester you are enrolled in

How long is a Post Graduate Work Permit Valid for?

Post graduate work permit validity depends on your length of study program. For example, if you selected a program that is 9 months in length then most likely the officer will grant you a post graduate work permit that is valid only up to 9 months. If your program is 2 years or more in length then most likely the officer will grant you the2 or 3 year term.

If you are a student that has selected to study two different programs then you may be eligible for PGWP that combines the length of each program. Each program you have completed must be eligible for the PGWP and has to be at least 8 months in length.

Post Graduate Work permit is not Granted in the Following Occasions

  • Your length of study is less than 8 months

  • Your already obtained a PGWP previously from a previous program of study

  • Took French or English as a second language

  • Took self-improvement or general interest courses

  • Completed majority of your courses online

  • Completed a program that is not recognized under the designated list

  • Your passport has expired

You must make sure your passport is valid up to the length of your program so that the maximum can be granted. If you passport expired, the immigration officer may give you an extension to get the full validity but the discretion is up to the immigration officer. Should the immigration officer grant you the extension you may then apply on paper to extend your PGWP.

Post Graduate Work Permit Documents

You can apply for post graduate work permit from inside or outside of Canada as long as you meet the requirements. You can either submit a paper application or an online application. Some of the documents you would need to submit with a PGWP application include

  • the official letter from your designated learning institution that shows you have completed your program of study

  • transcript

  • biometric (if applicable)

  • police certificate

  • government fees

When can I start Working?

After you submit your PGWP application, you are able to start working as long as you have a valid study permit, were allowed to work off campus without a work permit and did not work more than the hours you were allowed to.

You must check the conditions that were set on your study permit; most students can work a maximum of 20 hours. If these conditions don’t apply to you then you must wait until your work permit arrives so you don’t violate the conditions of your stay.

Contact Akrami and Associates

If you have recently graduated from your studies in Canada and like to gain Canadian work experience then contact Akrami & Associates to see if you are eligible for post graduate work permit.

This application is one of the leading ways of obtaining a Permanent Residence status in Canada. With Akrami and Associates we will prepare a strong, well assessed and rigorous application with all the required documents so that your application has a greater chance of success.

Contact us today at 416-477-2545 or email us a This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for more information.

With Akrami & Associates there is always a way!!

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