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3 Most Important Documents for Intra Company Transfer

3 Most Important Documents for Intra Company Transfer

Three Important Documents:

  • Proof of continuous employment (full time) with the enterprise outside of Canada for at least one year within the previous three years period preceding the date of application

  • Proof of executive or managerial position held by the applicant in the company or

    Proof of Specialized knowledge if the worker is applying under that category

  • An outline of the position that the individual would hold in Canada including the title, place in organization and job description.

It is essential that the individual provides all the required documents to be eligible for the intra company transfer. These documents are necessity to determine if the worker meets the basic requirements to qualify under the intra company transfer category. Proof of continuous employment can be shown through letters from the employer, or previous income taxes etc.

To qualify under the Intra Company Transferee, the foreign worker must:

  • Seek entry for purpose of employment in Canada for a multinational business that is either already doing business in Canada or looking to do business in Canada and in a foreign country.

  • Have a position in an executive, senior managerial, or specialized knowledge capacity

  • Have been employed is a similar position on full time basis for at least one year in the last three years prior to the application for coming to Canada

  • the worker’s current company has a qualifying relationship with the company in Canada.

  • Comply with all immigration requirements for temporary entry.

There is no restriction as to which country the executive is from. The worker requiring the work permit is usually granted the permit for one year with possibility of renewals.

Executives occupy the highest levels of a company’s management structure and are essential to a company’s business.

The employee must have worked either in the manager/executives position or as specialized knowledge staff. The employee must have had worked in the transferring company for at least one year out of the last three years.

The individual in executive position must be responsible for department, directing management, making decisions of wide latitude, supervising and controlling the work of professional employees etc.

For intra company transfer there is no need for LMIA. Executives and senior managers are permitted to renew their initial intra company transfer work permit up to a maximum of seven years. Specialized knowledge workers can renew their work permits for up to a maximum of 5 years. After the maximum period is over the worker must leave Canada and the Canadian labour market for at least one year before re-applying and begin the cycle again.

The evidence that an applicant can provide to show his/her specialized knowledge can be through a resume, references, letters of verification from company, years of experience, degrees or certifications related to the company’s work, list of awards or accomplishments, and the work required to perform in the company in Canada.

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