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Permanent Resident Card Renewal

Permanent Resident Card Renewal

What Documents Do I Need to Renew my PR Card?

  • Your current Permanent resident card and a photocopy of it

  • Your application for card renewal

  • A copy of a valid passport or travel document or a copy of the travel document you held when you became a permanent resident

  • Two photo that meet the photo specifications

  • The document check list

  • Financial documents

  • School or employment records

  • Rental agreements

  • Club membership

  • Revenue Canada notice of assessment forms

  • Receipts from Canadian benefit programs

  • Documents showing citizenship and the date the became a citizen or permanent residency of the person you are accompanying

  • Proof of residential address of the person you accompanying five years before

  • Any other documents

Part of the application is meeting the residency obligation. There are some exemptions where your time outside of Canada can still be counted towards this. This includes working for a Canadian company while outside of Canada.

Documents you need if you are working outside of Canada:

  • Letter signed by official that indicate the position and title of signing official; the nature of the business and how it fits Canadian business description, detail of contract, and confirmation that the business was not created just to satisfy residency obligation

  • Business license

  • Partnership agreements or corporate annual reports

  • Corporate Canadian income tax notice of assessments

  • Copies of employee assignment agreement or contract

  • Copies of agreement between the Canadian business and the business outside of Canada concerning the assignment to that business or client

  • Pay statements

  • T4 slips

Contact Akrami & Associates

If you like to renew your PR card and unsure what to do, feel free to contact us and will be glad to assist you with your matter.

With Akrami & Associates there is always a way!!

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