Single Entry Visa vs. Multiple Entry Visa | Visitor Visa TRV

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If you wish to visit Canada, you may either get a single entry visa or a multiple entry visa through the Temporary Resident Visa (TRV) program.

The first thing you should determine before applying to enter Canada is whether or not a visa is required of you. Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) provides a list of countries whose citizens require a visa to enter. Some countries whose citizens require a visitor visa are Brazil, Morocco, and Vietnam.

Next, you should establish what your reasons are for visiting Canada and whether or not your reasons will require you to return again in order to determine the type of visitor visa that is suitable to your circumstance. It is important to note that your reason for visiting will be reviewed by an immigration officer, and so you should not only establish this for yourself, but also for the success of your application.

If your visit is only intended to, perhaps, see Canada and you have no intention of returning to Canada soon after that visit, you have the option of a single entry visitor visa. A single entry visa allows you to come to Canada for up to six months, but only once. If you wish to visit again after that, another application must be made.

This being said, if you wish to visit Canada, and your visits will be frequent, you may wish to apply for the multiple entry visitor visa. A multiple entry visa allows you visit Canada for up to six months at a time without having to apply for a visa each time. A multiple entry visa may be valid for up to ten years.

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