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FAQs for Criminal Rehabilitation

FAQs for Criminal Rehabilitation

FAQ – Criminal Rehabilitation

In this article, I will address a few popular questions and answers for Criminal Rehabilitation applications in Canada and some important information to consider if you are applying for a Criminal Rehabilitation application. A Criminal Rehabilitation application is intended for foreign nationals with criminal inadmissibility who would like to visit Canada and not have inadmissibility issues in the future. This type of application was created and intended to provide foreign nationals, who have past criminal offence(s), made in or outside of Canada, with an opportunity to enter Canada even with their criminal inadmissibility. If you feel as though you would be eligible to apply for a Criminal Rehabilitation, I suggest you read our article on “How to Apply for Criminal Rehabilitation” before reading this question and answer article. The intention of this article is meant to clarify any misunderstanding or confusion with regards to Criminal Rehabilitation applications in Canada.

Q: What exactly is a Criminal Rehabilitation application?

A: A criminal rehabilitation application is a permanent waiver that removes the criminal inadmissibility from a foreign national that wishes to enter Canada. In other words, in the future, instead of being denied entry into Canada due to their inadmissibility, they will no longer have any inadmissibility issues when entering Canada.

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