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Spousal Sponsorship Questions


Spousal Sponsorship Quick Questions and Answers

Are you applying for Canadian Spousal Sponsorship and you’re wondering how to do it? Do you have a couple of questions regarding it? Did you already start the process? Are you confused about what steps to take next? Are you looking for the aid from a professional? Do not worry, as all of your questions regarding Spousal Sponsorship will be answered throughout the entirety of this blog.

What is spousal sponsorship in Canada

In Canada, spousal sponsorship refers to the process through by which a Canadian citizen or permanent resident chooses to sponsor their spouse to obtain a permanent legal status in Canada. Furthermore, through spousal sponsorship, it allows for the partner who will reside in Canada (the sponsored) to become a permanent resident.

What are the benefits of obtaining Canadian permanent residency

Obtaining permanent residency in Canada is extremely beneficial to whom obtains it. Being a permanent resident gives you access to public health care services, the ability to study or work without a permit, the ability to be protected or under or subjected to Canadian laws under the criminal code, charter of rights and freedoms, and others. Moreover, becoming a permanent resident in Canada is about being able to permanently stay in Canada without a specific time frame. Compared to having Canadian citizenship, the only differences are not having the ability to vote, own a Canadian passport, or hold a high profile job n the government or public sector.

What does the spousal sponsorship process look like

The spousal sponsorship process consists of being able to prove to the Canadian government the genuineness of the relationship between the sponsor and the sponsored. There are multiple steps, requirements, fees and documents that must be fulfilled or submitted in order to properly apply for spousal sponsorship. After the submission, this is all sent to a processing office where an immigration officer will decide whether or not the relationship is genuine and stable enough in order for the sponsorship to be granted.

What are some basic requirements in order to partake in a spousal sponsorship process

You are fully eligible to sponsor your spouse if you are at least 18 years of age, a Canadian citizen, permanent resident or an Indian as declared under the Canadian Indian Act. Furthermore, you are to prove that you do not receive any kind of financial assistance (such as Ontario Works or ODSP), unless this is given because of a disability. And finally, you must be able to prove that you are financially able to support your spouse and their dependent children of their basic needs such as housing, extra health expenses not covered by the public sector (such as optometry and dentistry), food, and other expenses.

What do I need to be aware of when becoming a sponsor in Canada

It is important to notice that when in Canada, becoming a sponsor in Canada entails a lot of responsibility and commitment. The first step is to sign an undertaking agreement. An undertaking agreement allows for the Canadian government to certify that the sponsor becomes financially responsible for the sponsored. Not only does this include being able to provide basic needs, but it also consists of repaying any kind of social assistance that they receive during that period of time. There is no minimum income that you must demonstrate, however, it is obvious that it needs to be sufficient to support your spouse and their dependent children if they have any. A typical undertaking agreement between spouses is valid for three years. This agreement will not be cancelled even if you find yourself in a bad financial situation, a separation or divorce occurs, or the sponsored becomes a Canadian citizen.

How can I apply for spousal sponsorship in Canada

In order to apply for spousal sponsorship in Canada, you must send both an application for you to become a sponsor and their application for permanent residency at the same time. This application consists of a package where various documents will be asked from both partners. Furthermore, many forms are to be fully and truthfully filled out, and necessary payments must be made. These payments include the right of permanent residency fee, the biometrics fee and other processing fees. After your application is ready, you may submit it to the Canadian government for review. It is important that all of the submitted information is truthful and accurate as false information can lead to the denying of the application, being charged of misrepresentation and the sponsored even being banned from visiting or applying to visit Canada for a period of up to five years.

What can I expect after I apply

After you apply for spousal sponsorship in Canada, you will be contacted from the Canadian government for further information. This information can be missing forms or supporting documents, but it can also be related to biometrics and medical exams. Biometrics and medical exams are necessary in order to continue the application. Any changes such as births, deaths, marriages or divorces must be notified in order for the application to continue its process. If approved, the sponsored must send either their passport or a copy of it, 2 photos and proof of payment to finalize the process.

What happens if my application gets refused?

If your spousal sponsorship application gets refused, you will receive a letter explaining why it was refused, and instructions in order to appeal the decision.

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