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Does everyone coming into Canada to visit need a Temporary Resident Visa?

Not everyone that is coming into Canada to visit needs a Temporary Resident Visa. You will not be required to have one if you are coming from one of the visa-exempt countries. If you are from all of the other countries then you will be required to apply for a Temporary Resident Visa before you enter Canada.

How will you know if your country is one where it is needed?

If you are unsure about whether or not you may need a Temporary Resident Visa don’t be afraid to inquire with one of our legal representatives just to be sure. There is a list that is posted on the immigration website that lists out the countries and indicates whether it is needed or not.

Is this process difficult?

It is not difficult but it will take some time in order for you to properly have all of the information that is needed. In the past there have been individuals who have come into Canada but have overstayed their visit and have remained in Canada illegally. Canada is working hard to stop that from happening, but this is why the Temporary Resident Visas are the ones who are the most analyzed.

What if you meet all the requirements?

Meeting all of the requirements is the easiest part. Your next step will be convincing an officer that you are going to leave Canada at the end of your allowed visit.

How will you show that you are going to leave without issue?

There are several different ways for you to show that you are going to leave hassle free when it is required of you to do so. You can prove this by:

  • Showing connections of membership through your community
  • Show that you own property or obtain a lease/rental agreement in your home country
  • Family ties in your home country will play a large part in this process for you, you may even show that you have other ties there that aren’t always family
  • Showing that you have work that is waiting for you upon your arrival back into your home country
  • Anything else that may be relevant for this situation is very important for you to show. If you think that it may help you, it probably will so don’t hold back any information that you have. The more information that you can provide the better it will be for you as this will only strengthen your application.

Is there anything else that may be required of you?

As of between September and December 2013 you may be required to give your biometrics. As of these dates there are 29 countries and 1 territory that will require you to have the biometrics

What is biometrics?

It is your fingerprints along with your photograph that you will be required to give with your application.

What if you are unsure about what is required?

If you have any hesitation of what is required of you for this process please don’t hold back, call us and we will help you with the information that you need! We have the resources and the expertise in this area to efficiently help to make sure your application is ready right from the get go!