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The TN Visa

If you are a professional from Canada or Mexico, as part of the North American Free Trade Agreement, you may be eligible to enter the U.S. for business purposes pertaining to your profession through the TN NAFTA Professional class.

Here are ten tips, in no logical order, when you are applying or even thinking about applying to work in the U.S. through the TN visa.

   1.     Understand the basic requirements of the TN visa

Understanding the requirements of a TN visa is crucial. You should know beforehand what conditions you need to meet, and whether you will be able to meet them, before applying so that you are not wasting your time on a program that you are not eligible for.

A simple example would be asking yourself if you are a Canadian or Mexican citizen. Since this class is only for Canadians or Mexicans, if you are not a citizen of either of these countries, then you should look elsewhere.

   2.     Make sure that you are applying under the correct class

Applying under the same class coincides with understanding the basic requirements. If you know the basic requirements, then you should realize whether or not this class is offered to you. In addition to this, being Canadian or Mexican will have different requirements and so you should take note of this as well.

   3.     Have a prospective employer

It is important that you have a prospective employer who seeks to hire you. Since this is a requirement, you should first have a potential employer before beginning the process.

   4.     Ensure that the employer's support letter meets the requirements

Once you have a prospective employer, that employer should write you a support letter detailing the position offered, the nature of the business, the job duties you will be performing, and the credentials you have that led to your being hired.

   5.     Establish that your job is a part of the eligible occupation for the TN visa

Since only certain occupations are eligible under this program, you should determine whether or not the occupation you were offered is consistent with the list that can be found online.

   6.     Make sure that you meet the occupation's educational requirements

When you look to see if your occupation is an eligible one, there will also be academic requirements that must be met in accordance with the occupation sought. You must, again, meet these requirements in order to be eligible.

   7.     Have valid documentations to support your case

Some examples of valid documentations include a valid passport, a complete application, and receipt of payment. Make sure everything is prepared to get best results.

   8.     Be honest

Misrepresentation or fraud is will bar you from entry to the U.S. As a general rule, you should not lie in order to get the results you want. You will be surprised by their information system and the consequences for misrepresentation or fraud is severe.

   9.     Be prepared

You may have inadmissibility issues such as a past criminal conviction. Be ready to answer concerns that may be raised.

   10.   Seek help if you do not understand

If you need help, do not hesitate to find some!

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