Spousal Sponsorship Refusals | Spousal Sponsorship

Sponsorship applications are often some of the most important types of immigration applications because they deal with families trying to reunite and build a life together in one country. Therefore, given the importance of such an application, without being told, you must know how important it is to submit a thorough, comprehensive and persuasive Sponsorship application. Failure to do so can result in a refusal of your application or Permanent Residence status for you and/or your Dependent Children.


If you, the Foreign National partner, or your Dependent Children are refused, the Citizenship and Immigration Canada Immigration Officer immigration officer will either refuse your Sponsorship application or refer your case to the inland Citizenship and Immigration Canada.

If your Dependent Child is considered to be ineligible for the purposes of your Sponsorship application, your Dependent Child will not be able to obtain Permanent Residence status in Canada. For example, if your Dependent Child is over the age of 22 and they do not provide satisfactory evidence that they are enrolled in a full-time program at an accredited educational institution, then he/she will not be considered a Dependent Child. In this type of situation, Citizenship and Immigration Canada will grant Permanent Residence status to you if you are eligible and to any of your eligible Dependent Children. They will send a letter explaining why any ineligible Dependent Children cannot be granted Permanent Residence status.

It is important to note that if you send any additional information to Citizenship and Immigration Canada after you have been refused, the immigration officer will not acknowledge receipt of this information or take it into consideration when responding to you. If they officer were to acknowledge additional information after a refusal, it could open the decision for review beyond the time limits for applying for judicial review. Generally, you should submit any new information with a new application.

Reasons For Refusing Your Application

Some of the possible reasons your application for Spousal Sponsorship may be refused are the following:

  • Your Canadian Citizen or Permanent Resident Sponsor is not eligible to be a Sponsor
  • Your Sponsor does not meet the financial requirements
  • Your Sponsor withdraws their Sponsorship or Undertaking
  • You, as the Foreign National applicant, are not eligible
  • You are not a Foreign National Spouse, Common-law partner or Conjugal partner on the date of the application or on the date a decision on your Permanent Residence status is made
  • You are not living with the Sponsor in Canada
  • You are not the subject of a Sponsorship application
  • Your relationship with the Canadian Citizen or Permanent Resident Sponsor is one of convenience or was dissolved for the purpose of acquiring status or privilege under the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act and then was resumed
  • Your relationship with the Canadian Citizen or Permanent Resident Sponsor is considered to be an excluded relationship
  • You are criminally or medically inadmissible
  • Your Dependent Child is criminally or medically inadmissible

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