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When you are in a relationship with a loved one, be it a Spouse, a Common-law partner or a Conjugal partner, naturally, you and your partner will want to live together in the same country in order to build a life together. If you are a Canadian Citizen or Permanent Resident of Canada and your partner is currently a foreigner and does not have legal status in Canada, there are ways to bring your foreign partner to Canada and get them legal status to stay in Canada with you through a Sponsorship application.

Once you sponsor your foreign partner to Canada, you will be looking to get your foreign partner Permanent Resident status. Therefore, your foreign partner will need to undergo the process of applying for Permanent Residency.

Reasons Why Permanent Residence Application Can Be Refused

You, as a Canadian Citizen or Permanent Resident may have a foreign partner who you have Sponsored to Canada. Once your foreign Spouse, Common-law partner or Conjugal partner has been granted permission to enter Canada with legal status, you and your partner will want to look at getting Permanent Residence status for your foreign partner. This way you can ensure that you and your loved-one can begin creating a life together in Canada.

When your foreign Spouse, Common-law partner or Conjugal partner is putting together their application for Permanent Residence in Canada, the two of you will want to ensure that your application is comprehensive to give you the highest chance of success. You will want to avoid pitfalls in your application that will likely lead to a refusal of your foreign partner’s Permanent Residence application. Therefore, it is important to know why your application may be refused in order to be proactive and pre-empt such refusal, if possible.

Your foreign Spouse, Common-law partner or Conjugal partner’s application for Permanent Residence status in Canada may be refused by Citizenship and Immigration Canada for the following reasons:

  • The relationship between you and your foreign partner is not genuine and has only been entered into for immigration purposes and for your foreign partner to gain legal status in Canada
  • You do not meet the financial requirements, if there are financial requirements applicable in your foreign partner’s application
  • Your foreign partner, who you want to Sponsor to Canada, has not provided Citizenship and Immigration Canada with the appropriate documents, including proof that they have had a medical examination conducted
  • Your foreign partner does not meet the definition of a Spouse, Common-law partner or Conjugal partner
  • Your foreign partner who you wish to sponsor is inadmissible to Canada for having a criminal record a serious illness

If your foreign Spouse, Common-law partner or Conjugal partner’s application for Permanent Residency in Canada is refused due to him/her being ineligible or not providing the appropriate documentation, his/her application will be refused. Citizenship and Immigration Canada will inform him/her of their refusal. Your foreign partner will also be given reasons for the refusal. This way you can see whether your application can be reconsidered or whether you want to pursue an appeal. Your foreign partner has the right to appeal a negative decision.

At Akrami & Associates, our team of legal professionals can assist you in ensuring you build a life with your loved-one in Canada. We have the expertise to put together a strong Permanent Residence application.