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If you wish to come to Canada through the Spousal Sponsorship program, there are various forms that you must complete along with various supporting documents that you will submit to Citizenship and Immigration Canada. In one of these forms, you will be asked about any past criminal convictions, any pending charges or trial, or if you were party to an offence or crime.

In many countries, impaired driving, or more widely known as drinking under the influence (DUI), is recognized as a minor crime or not even a crime the first time. This being said, in Canada, impaired driving is taken seriously. Regardless of where you committed a DUI offence, Canada evaluates criminal history based upon how the crime would be recognized in Canada.

Therefore, when you are asked questions regarding a DUI offence or conviction, you should reply honestly. It is important to keep in mind that misrepresentation is a serious crime and can be a ground to bar you from entering Canada.

Instead of trying to hide your criminal history, you should attempt to fix it. Depending upon how long ago your offence occurred or how long ago since the completion of your sentence, you will be able to either apply for rehabilitation or be deemed rehabilitated.

Rehabilitation is a process that will remove your inadmissibility. A required amount of time must have passed by in order for you to be eligible and, since your last conviction or offence, you must have shown good character.

To apply, you can either do so at a Canadian visa office or at a Visa Application Centre in your country of region.

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