Sponsorship of Spouse Outside of Canada | Spousal Sponsorship

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There are two types of Spousal Sponsorship, inland or outland. If you wish to sponsor your spouse, Common-law Partner, or Conjugal Partner, and that person lives outside of Canada, you will be completing the application for Spousal Sponsorships from outside of Canada.
When you Sponsor your Spouse, there are no financial minimums that must be met, however, you do have to sign an undertaking promising to provide the basic necessities for your spouse and any accompanying members of your family.
As a sponsor, you must also be at least eighteen years old and be a Canadian citizen or permanent resident.
In order to have a successful application, the person you are sponsoring, and any accompanying members over eighteen and over, must provide certain documentations. Some of these documents include,

Spousal Sponsorship documents:

  • Providing a police clearance, police certificate, or a record of no information
    • This will show that you have no criminal convictions that would make you inadmissible
  • Undergoing a medical examination
    • This must be done by a panel physician
  • Providing birth certificates and legal documentation proving legal guardianship of any members of your family accompanying you under the age of eighteen
  • Translations of any documents not in English or French
  • Having any photocopied documents certified

In addition to this, you must keep in mind some rules that have been established for the spousal sponsorship class. One of these rules is in regards to the undertaking. It is important to understand that an undertaking is valid for a certain amount of years depending upon the relationship of that person to you. Currently, an undertaking for your spouse is valid for ten years regardless of the state of your relationship.
The second rule is if you have been in a relationship (whether conjugal or married) for two years or less. The Conditional Permanent Resident status would apply to you if this is your situation, which means that you will have to live together in an intimate relationship for two years after your spouse becomes a Permanent Resident.
Various factors may contribute to the success of your application. This is not an extensive list of all the materials required of you and so, if you find that you need additional information or assistance with your application, you may contact Akrami & Associates and let an experience legal professional aid you.