Grounds of Inadmissibility | Denied Entry to the United States

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There are many reasons that may result in denial of your entry into the U.S. Since 9/11, the United States has been extremely scrutinizing of travelers entering the USA. Their security measures have been taken to another level.

In most cases, you will be denied entry if you inadmissible to enter U.S. and there are many ways to be considered inadmissible. Grounds for inadmissibility may include:

  • If you have a communicable disease;
  • Have a physical or mental disorder that may be harmful to others;
  • You have history of abusing drugs;
  • You have been convicted of certain crimes;
  • You have previously over stayed your visit;
  • You have been deported or removed from the country;
  • You have been in violation of any immigration laws; or
  • You have committed immigration fraud.

In order to overcome this inadmissibility issues, you will first need to obtain a Waiver prior to your attempted entry in to the United States.

The officer will look at the following while approving your waiver:

  • Any risk you may pose to the USA;
  • The seriousness of your inadmissibility issue; and
  • Your reason for wishing to enter the US.

The process of obtaining a Waiver may be intimidating, as you have to present a strong case in order to convince the officer of your good character. We can help you through the process, you may contact us and our team of professional will be happy to assist you.