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Immigration Blog about US & Canadian Immigration matters.

Immigration Blog about US & Canadian Immigration matters. If you would like to learn about US and Canadian immigration matters you have came to the right place to read blogs.

Who Can Apply for Provincial Nominee Program

Who Can Apply for Provincial Nominee Program

What is the Provincial Nominee Program?

Provincial Nominee Program is designed specifically for individuals who want to reside in a particular province in Canada based on their skills as a professional, education and experience. The provinces in Canada have signed an agreement with the federal government to pick and choose the employee based on the economic needs of the province. So this program is province in which you are not selected by the federal government based on your credentials but rather you are selected based on the province’s requirements as a candidate. Candidates are given points for having education, experience, job, relatives in Canada, age etc. If you qualify based on the point’s criteria, you get selected. After you are selected you will be invited to apply for permanent residence in Canada under the program. We will discuss further in this blog how a person can apply and what factors will help them get points and get invitation to apply for permanent residence. Express Entry has four different programs and one of which is Provincial Nominee Program. This program is similar to other programs but there are different requirements for approval. Depending on the province you reside and want to live in, you will have to comply with the requirements of that specific province.

Provincial Nominee Requirements

We will discuss briefly what the basic requirements are that have to be met before an individual could be considered eligible to apply under this category. Total points in express entry are 1200 out of which 600 points are given for having a job or for having a PNP nomination. The estimated time for processing is 6 months. The criteria for consideration under this program has some requirements. There are seven requirements listed below:

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