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The Process of Becoming a Canadian Citizen


Thinking About Becoming a Canadian Citizen?

If you are a permanent resident of Canada, who has met their residency requirements, and worked hard to become eligible to apply for Canadian citizenship, you may be closer to eligibility than you think, and it is never too early to start learning about the application process, and preparing for the citizenship test. It is a very nerve-wracking process for most, because many have devoted an abundance of time and energy into becoming a permanent resident, in hopes of one day becoming a full Canadian citizen. Throughout this article, we will walk you through the basics of becoming a Canadian citizen, to help you start preparing.

What are the Fundamental Steps?

First, you must ensure you meet all the requirements to be eligible to become a Canadian citizen. There is a specified minimum length of time you must have been living in Canada, and, you must be a permanent resident. In addition to these, you must have filed your income tax and met your personal tax obligations in a minimum of 3 years out of the 5 years you were a permanent resident before you applied. To be eligible to have your citizenship approved, you must meet the minimum language requirements, and pass a citizenship test to prove you have strong ties to the country and a devotion to remain in Canada forever, by testing your knowledge of the countries culture, history, individual right, laws and prohibitions. Then, you can submit an application for Canadian Citizenship, and an Immigration officer will assess whether or not you meet the requirements of a Canadian citizen.

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