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Important Documents to Sponsor Spouse or Partner to Canada

Important Documents to Sponsor Spouse or Partner to Canada

What Documents do I need to Sponsor a Spouse or Common Law partner to Canada

When submitting a sponsorship application whether it is for a spouse, common law or conjugal partner there are important documents you need to include as the sponsor and the principal applicant. These documents play an important role and if you do not provide these documents or make minor errors you can expect delays or potentially a refusal in your application.

Documents needed by the Sponsor

  1. Options C printout (original) from Canada revenue agency. The options C printout is like your notice of assessment it shows your net income, what you have received from your previous tax year etc. The Option C print out has to be original and not a photocopy or else your application will be returned. So if you have not filed your taxes as the sponsor then the first step includes filing your taxes. Once you have done all that you can call CRA and ask for your original option C printout from the previous year.

  2. Proof of Employment is the second important document required by the sponsor. So if you are employed you simple include original reference letter from current employer. The employment letter should include how much you are getting paid, how many hours you work per week, your position, start date and this should all be included on a company letter head, dated and signed by supervisor or owner. If you are self-employed you either need to include a statement of business activities or include T2 tax returns for your corporation. Basically, as an self-employed individual you have to proof to citizenship and immigration Canada (CIC) you are able to take care of the individuals you will be sponsoring once they arrive in Canada.

Documents needed by Person getting sponsored (principal applicant)

  1. Police clearances- depending on your country of citizenship you may not be able to get your clearances until Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) sends request. Countries such as Saudi Arabia, Singapore do not send police clearances unless a formal request is send by Citizenship and Immigration Canada. If you come from a country that does not require formal request you have to obtain police clearance from all the countries you have lived 6 months or more since the age of 18. If you are confused on how to obtain police clearance you can visit CIC website that provides detailed instructions on how to obtain one.

  2. Upfront Medical Examination- has to be done by CIC panel of physicians this can be found on CIC panel of physician list. So when you schedule your appointment ensure you inform them that you are booking an appointment for upfront medical examination for a family class application. If they ask for an IME number, inform them you are doing an upfront medical examination and you do not have one. They will then create e-medical file for you and send it to CIC, you will then be provided with an e-medical sheet that you must include with your application.

Documents to prove Genuineness in Relationship

Citizenship and Immigration Canada requires ample documents to proof genuineness in a relationship. The reason for this is to ensure applications are not getting filed just to obtain permanent residency in Canada. In the past many applicants have gotten into fraudulent marriages or relationships just to obtain residency in Canada. Due to this Citizenship and Immigration goes through great lengths to ensure false marriages are caught. This change makes it even more difficult for persons that are in even in a genuine relationship. Below will discuss important documents you need to provide to demonstrate genuineness in a relationship.

Important Documentation for Spouses:

  • Marriage certificate (translated by certified translators and notarized)

  • Your marriage must be recognized under Canadian law and recognized in the country it took place. For example, if you did Neka in Pakistan, Neka is not recognized in Canada and therefore you need a proper marriage certificate that is recognized in both countries.

  • Development of relationship documents (photos, receipts, itineraries, travel documents, text messages, phone bills, text logs, Skype records, gifts exchanged, invitation letters, reference letters by friends and family members). Do not include billion pictures but just snap shots from pictures to text chats to places you have travelled together.

Important Documents for Common-Law Partners

Proving Common-Law relationship are slightly more difficult, it is not just submitting a marriage certificate and it is not just Statutory Declaration of Common-Law Union. These partners must provide proof that they have resided together continuously for a 12 month period and proof of their enmeshment together along with proof that their relationship is publicly known. This can be done by showing:

  • Residential tenancy agreements for period of 12 months

  • Mortgage documents

  • Ownership documents of a property

  • Banking records

  • Insurance records

  • Joint mail

  • Travel documents

  • Shared rental receipts

  • Shared utilities such as gas, electricity, telephone

  • Shared credit cards

  • Shared household expenses

  • Documents that show same address such identification documents, driver’s license,

  • Development of relationship documents (photos, receipts, itineraries, travel documents, text messages, phone bills, text logs, gifts exchanged, reference letters by friends and family members). Do not include billion pictures but just snap shots from pictures to text chats to places you have travelled together.

Contact Akrami & Associates

Sponsorship applications are very complex. Many applicants that start their sponsorship application think it is just about completing some forms and including some pictures of their relationship. Many follow the document checklist but are not aware how detailed they have to be with each piece of document they provide and the importance each document plays for having their application approved. CIC fails to mention how detailed one has to be and that slight errors in the application could potentially end up in refusal. Sponsorship applications are not just about filling out some forms but compiling different documents to make the application as strong as possible. It is highly recommended to consult with an immigration expert such as Akrami & Associates to have the highest chance of success. Akrami & Associates reunited many families together with their loved ones and we can help you too. Contact us today 416-477-2545.

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