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Applying for Permanent Resident Under Live-in Caregiver Program

Applying for Permanent Resident Under Live-in Caregiver Program

If you are working under Live-in caregiver program, you can be eligible to apply for permanent resident. There are few requirements to apply for permanent resident under the live-in caregiver program and you have to comply with these requirements . They are as follows:

  • You have 24 months of authorized full-time caregiver employment; or
  • You have 3900 hours of authorized full-time caregiver employment. You have to complete these hours within minimum 22 months;
  • You can also add 390 hours of overtime in your 3900 hours of employment;
  • The work experience must be acquired within four years of your date of arrival

When you calculate the time of working, you cannot include certain period of time like:

  • Any period of unemployment
  • Any extended time that you have spent outside Canada. For instance, you go for vacation outside Canada and spend more time than your employment contract said
  • Any period of work that you work for your employer outside Canada
  • Any period of work you have done in Canada as caregiver while you lived outside your employer home. But if you work experience as live-out caregiver and you like to include that work experience in your permanent resident application, then you have to apply permanent residence through caring for children or caring for people with high medical needs pathway.

Your application for permanent residence can be affected by few factors and those are:

  • If you, your spouse or common-law partner or any family member have a criminal record or serious health issue
  • If you have provided false information in your application when you have applied first time under live-in caregiver for work permit

There are also few factors where your application is not affected by them and those are:

  • Financial situation
  • Skills upgrading in Canada
  • Marital status, or
  • Number of family member in your home country

There are few basic requirements for applying for permanent resident under the live-in caregiver program. If you need detailed information or have further questions, then please feel free to call us. We are here to help!

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