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3 Ways of Becoming a Canadian Citizen


Becoming a Canadian Citizen

When a foreign national obtains permanent residency in Canada, this is the first step towards eventually obtaining Canadian citizenship. It is the desire and dream of many permanent residents in Canada to one day finally be able to call themselves citizens of this wonderful country. Much like obtaining permanent residency in Canada, there are several requirements and conditions that permanent residents have to abide by in order to successfully obtain Canadian citizenship. Many permanent residents are curious as to which routes would be the best to obtain citizenship. In this blog, you will learn about the 3 ways to obtain Canadian citizenship.

How to Obtain Canadian Citizenship

The most important part of successfully obtaining Canadian citizenship is first obtaining permanent residency in Canada. This may actually be the most difficult part of the process of obtaining Canadian citizenship. Any permanent resident of Canada can verify that the process of successfully obtaining permanent residency is a difficult endeavor. Once they have received their permanent residency, however, there are several more requirements and conditions in order for them to proceed to apply for Canadian citizenship.

For instance, in order to apply for Canadian citizenship in Canada, you must abide by the following requirements and conditions:

  • Age
  • Valid PR Status
  • Residency Obligations
  • Income Tax Filing
  • Intent to Reside in Canada
  • Language Abilities
  • Knowledge of Canada, and
  • Prohibitions

If you have successfully met all of these requirements and conditions, then you are well on your way to obtaining Canadian citizenship. Your next steps would be applying for Canadian citizenship then proceeding to take the citizenship test and finally taking the oath for Canadian citizenship. If and when all of this is complete, you would receive your Canadian citizenship certificate in the mail.

Once you have obtained Canadian citizenship, this will not only allow you to work and live anywhere in Canada, but will also allow you to vote and participate in the democratic practice of Canada’s government. In order to obtain Canadian citizenship in Canada, once must first obtain permanent residency. Therefore, the following circumstances are ways of obtaining permanent residency to Canada which can evidently lead to permanent residency in Canada.

Top 3 Ways to Obtain Canadian Citizenship

Spousal Sponsorship

In Canada, the government highly prioritizes family reunification. Therefore, if you are married to a Canadian citizen or a permanent resident, this is one of the easiest ways to obtain permanent residency for yourself. As a result, if you are committed to your spouse and would like to reunite with them permanently in Canada, applying for a Spousal Sponsorship would be the best opportunity to do so. Additionally, Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) also have continuously investigated fraudulent marriages, also known as marriages of convenience. A marriage of convenience is often done for a foreign national to gain permanent residency in Canada although they have no intentions of actually being married to the Canadian citizen or permanent resident. It is important to note that the Canadian government does not tolerate these types of marriages and thoroughly investigates and prevents these marriages from happening. Conclusively, if you have successfully obtained permanent residency through the Spousal Sponsorship application, then you must proceed to meet all of the citizenship requirements before obtaining Canadian citizenship.

Express Entry

This program is extremely popular for foreign nationals with skilled work experience. The Express Entry program is an online immigration application system that permits foreign nationals to submit an online profile and be considered for permanent residency in Canada. Foreign nationals that become candidates through this program are placed in a pool and if they are one of the highest ranked candidates, they are invited to apply for permanent residency in Canada. There are three federal economic immigration programs that fall under Express Entry; they are the Federal Skilled Worker Program, the Federal Skilled Trades Program, and the Canadian Experience Class. The determining factors that are assessed when you become a candidate are your education level, your work experience, your language abilities, your age, and more. This process is not simple and it is very important for you to determine whether you are eligible to apply for this program prior to applying. Furthermore, if you have successfully obtained permanent residency through Express Entry, then you must proceed to meet all of the citizenship requirements before obtaining Canadian citizenship.

Study Permit / Post-Graduate Work Permit

Every year, the Canadian government allows international students with the opportunity to study within Canada. These international students often stay in Canada for a couple of years to complete their studies. However, once their studies are completed, their study permits often indicate that they must exit the country. If the international student would like to remain in Canada and contribute to the Canadian economy, they may do so by applying for a post-graduate work permit. Once they have obtained this work permit and have worked for a Canadian employer for at least one year or more, they may be able to apply for permanent residency, specifically through the Canadian Experience Class. If the international student abides by the requirements set out in the Canadian Experience Class and are highly ranked, they would be invited for permanent residency. If they successfully obtain permanent residency in Canada through this route, then they must proceed to meet all of the citizenship requirements before obtaining Canadian citizenship.

Contact Akrami & Associates

It is essential that you have taken all of the aforementioned factors and information into consideration before applying for Canadian citizenship. If you would like to apply for Canadian citizenship, it is extremely important to note that these are difficult applications to pursue on your own. It is highly recommended that you seek out professional and experienced help before attempting to submit the application. Here, at Akrami & Associates, we work and have experience with many different immigration issues. We have helped many of our clients obtain Canadian citizenship and now permanently call Canada their home. Please feel free to contact Akrami & Associates at 416-477-2545 for more information, or if you would like to book a consultation with an immigration professional for more advice.

With Akrami & Associates, there is always a way!

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