What is a Temporary Resident Visa? | Visitor Visa TRV

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It is obvious that anyone would want to visit Canada; whether it is to reunite with a family member or friend, study in one of our academic institutions, work temporarily or simply enjoy its pure beauty. Throughout our provinces and territories, Canada has multiple cultures and offers a significantly diverse society and as much peace and quiet or hustle and bustle as you require. In order for you experience just how beautiful Canada is, you are required to apply for a temporary resident visa (TRV).

A temporary resident visa is issued for:

  • Visitors
  • Workers
  • Students

The temporary resident visa is placed in your passport to show you have satisfied all requirements for admission to Canada. There are some countries which are visa exempt and do not require a temporary resident visa to travel. The visa application includes both single and multiple entrances. A fee must be paid to process the application, depending on the type of temporary resident visa.

A temporary resident visa, like its title suggests, is temporary in nature. This means you are granted a temporary resident visa for a specific amount of time as a visitor, international student or foreign worker. Once your time expires, you are expected to leave Canada. In some cases prior to your expiration period, you may be able to extend your stay and apply for a temporary resident visa renewal.

It is important to note that although you may be granted a temporary resident visa, this does not guarantee that an immigration officer at the Canadian port will admit you. At that time, you must display your purpose of travel and prove it is temporary in nature. This is very important because there have been many instances where foreign nationals will arrive in Canada, but because they have failed to provide the correct information, they have been denied admissions by an officer.

Whether you want to study, work or visit Canada; at Akrami & Associates, we are here to guide you through you application process. Many clients come to us after they have already been refused on their own application for a temporary resident visa. Please contact our office and one of our legal representatives will be happy to assist you.