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Preparing for the port of entry is extremely important, as the officer at the port of entry has the discretion to deny your entry if he/she is not satisfied with your answers or documentation. You have to be prepared to answer the question truthfully, and present the correct documentation.

Usually, foreign nationals require a visa or permit to enter Canada, and in addition to that visa or permit, they have to be approved by the officer at the port of entry. The requirements may depend on the kind of permit or visa you may have. Each permit or visa has its own set of requirements and documents that need to be provided to the officer.

For instance, a person entering as a permanent resident may has to prove that they are entering Canada on permanent bases. On the other hand, a person entering with a temporary resident visa will have to demonstrate that their stay is temporary, and they will be returning to their home country.

These are some of the typical questions that you may be asked at the port of entry:

  • What is the purpose of your trip?
  • What is the length of your visit?
  • Do you intend to study or work in during you visit?
  • What do you intend to do in Canada?
  • Do you have a job back home?
  • Do you have family back home?

It is very important that you provide the officer with the correct documentation supporting your answers. Any inconsistencies in your documentation or your answers may be seen as suspicious.

I hope this helped, if you require any assistance with preparing for your visit to Canada. You can contact us, and our team of professionals will be happy to help you.