How Can I prove ties to my home country? | Visitor Visa TRV

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One of the most important requirements for a Temporary Resident Visa is to show that your stay is in fact temporary in Canada. The officer at the port of entry must be satisfied with your intent to leave Canada at the end of your visit. One of the ways you can demonstrate that your stay is temporary is by providing proof of the fact that you have something or someone to go back to. Your ties to your home country can be displayed in many ways.

You can show that you have family to go back to or a job that you will be resuming up on return. But what if you don’t have either? There are many small but relevant things that are part of our lives that tie us to our home country. Do you own a home or a lease? If yes, then your lease or mortgage agreements can display your ties to your home country. Even things like, future job offers, financial assets such as, bank accounts, stocks and bonds, can help you demonstrate your intent to go back. In addition, enrollment in a study program in your home country can also demonstrate your will to return home. Documents such as, your enrollment letter from the institution you are enrolled at, will be an asset to your application.

In order to make a strong application it is important to provide a combination of these documents. It is important to be as comprehensive and detailed as possible when preparing your application. Documents, like, lease or mortgage agreements, or enrollment letters, validate the authorities of the fact that you have every intention to keep your stay temporary.

If you have any further questions about the types of documents you could provide or about temporary resident visa in general please contact us. Our team of experienced professionals will be happy to answer any of you questions.