Dual Intent – What is it? | Visitor Visa TRV

Dual intent is defined as having two intents, one for temporary residence and one for permanent residence. This may seem contradictory at first glance, however, it is present in a situation when, for example, you have applied for permanent residence as well as temporary residence in the form of a visitor, worker, or student.

The importance of understanding dual intent is so that you recognize what needs to be established to a visa officer. It is significant to show the visa officer, for your permanent resident application, the intention to stay in Canada, but at the same time, you need to show in your temporary resident application that you will leave at the end of your authorized stay.

You might be even further confused at this point and have concerns such as, how do I prove both intentions separately? In order to better answer this question, it would be beneficial to remind you why a temporary resident visa, which is being processed simultaneously with your permanent resident application, is often refused. Such reasons comprises of,

  • A history of having contravened conditions of admission on a prior stay in Canada
  • A lack of or not enough evidence to show that you have enough funds to support yourself while in Canada
  • Not satisfying a visa officer that you will leave at the end of your stay

Regardless of your intention to live in Canada, until your application is accepted, you have no rights to be in, or remain in, Canada. Perhaps your reason for applying for a temporary resident visa, along with a permanent resident visa, is to experience Canada prior becoming a permanent resident. This is perfectly acceptable.

This being said, you must keep in mind that you have not been successful in your application yet and so you must show the visa officer that you will not use the temporary resident visa as a tool to remain in Canada indefinitely.

Until your application is successful, or if your application is refused, you must remember that you have to leave at the end of your temporary resident visa, if successful, by showing that you will comply with the law.

It is okay to have dual intent, and it is not impossible to be successful in a temporary resident visa application even with a dual intent, it is about how to establish that you will not make use of the opportunity given to you and that you will exit Canada at the end of your authorized visit.

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