How Do I Get a Temporary Resident Permit for Canada? | Temporary Resident Permit

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You may find yourself in the position of being denied entry into Canada due to,

  • Past criminal convictions like DUI or DWI
  • Not meeting Canada’s medical standards
  • Non-compliance

If you got Denied Entry into Canada:

At this point you may be deliberating what options you have to enter Canada because you have important engagements that need to be seen to. If this is your circumstance, you may find that a Temporary Resident Permit is for you. There are two ways you can apply for a Temporary Resident Permit. You may either do so at a Canadian Port of Entry or you can make an application to a Canadian Consulate in your home country.

Depending upon whether or not you come from a visa-exempt Country, you may need to determine how the process works for you. For those who come from a visa-exempt Country, you should contact the Canadian visa office in your country or region and ask them what the specific applications are. If you do not come from a visa-exempt Country, then you will be filling out a Temporary Resident Visa form along with documentations that show,

  • Why you were considered inadmissible
  • Why you think you should be allowed to enter Canada despite your inadmissibility

Regardless of whether you apply to a Canadian Consulate or at a Canadian Port of Entry, you will have to complete this application with supporting documents. Your application should show,

  • That you are a low-risk traveller
  • That your reason(s) for entering Canada are legitimate and important enough to outweigh the risk that you present
  • That your character has changed for the better

As there are no set rules regarding how to best present yourself in a Temporary Resident Permit application, it may be difficult to gauge what you need to include in your application and what the best documents to provide are in order to show this.

At Akrami & Associates, our legal professionals have had the experience of successfully completing several Temporary Resident Permit applications. If you need assistance with your application, call us today and let one of our representatives help you.