Crossing Canadian Border with DUI | Temporary Resident Permit

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Many people do not realize that a past criminal conviction may make them inadmissible to enter Canada. This means that, if you have a past criminal conviction, you should find out more regarding how this may affect you and what solutions you have, if you wish to successfully cross the Canadian border otherwise you will be refused to enter Canada.

One of the big surprises people face, and most especially United States citizens, is a criminal conviction of driving while impaired (DWI), driving under the influence (DUI), etc…

DUI or DWI & Denied Entry to Canada

While some may find these charges relatively minor, in Canada, impaired driving, is an indictable offence. This means that it is considered a serious offence.

  • What does this mean for all of the people who have had a DUI offence on their records?
  • Does this mean that you cannot cross the Canadian border?

The answer is no, there are still ways for you to cross the Canadian border with a DUI offence. There are a few options available to you if you have a DUI offence on your records.

  1. If you have only one conviction on your record, be it a DUI conviction or otherwise, and it did not result in an imprisonment sentence, then you may apply directly at the Port of Entry for a Temporary Resident Permit
  2. Apply for a temporary resident permit prior to entering Canada
  3. Apply for rehabilitation – this is an application that, if approved, will remove yourself of criminal inadmissibility
  4. Deemed rehabilitated – you could go to a Port of Entry and make your case to the border officer convincing them that you should be considered rehabilitated because of the many years that have passed since you served your sentence and the exemplary lifestyle you have led since then
  5. Apply for a record suspension – this is essentially a pardon, if you live outside of Canada, you would have to determine whether or not it would be valid in Canada

As you can see, many choices are available to you. If you have a DUI on your record, Akrami & Associates can assess your situation and further provide assistance so that you can successfully make your way into Canada.