5 Reasons To Hire Us For Your TRP Application | Temporary Resident Permit

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1. We Have An Incredible Amount Of Experience

  • A TRP is a Temporary Resident Permit. This permit allows people who are inadmissible to Canada to enter for a specific period of time and reason.
  • The majority of our clients in this area are from the United States, since we are so close many people have businesses in Canada or are part of a company that has offices in Canada, so many of our clients are people who need to come for a business meeting or conference. In these cases many of them most commonly have charges of impaired driving, which places a difficulty to enter Canada.
  • Here is where we come in we have help hundreds of clients in getting their Temporary Resident Permit in order for them to attend a conference, a meeting or to come see visit Canada for leisure
  • With careful analysis of the situation and making sure we do all the right things we are the way of achieving your Temporary Resident Permit

2. We Will Inform You Of All The Necessary Documentation

  • Preparing a file is a difficult thing no matter what the case is. With your TRP application we will make sure to have all the correct documentation in regards to the reasons why you need to come to Canada. We will prepare your documents regarding your previous charges/convictions; if they have been successfully completed; all the documentation regarding your reasons to entry to Canada; and that you are not a risk to Canadians
  • We will translate into Canadian law the offenses for which you were convicted and make sure to demonstrate that you present no risk to Canada

3. We Will Walk You Through All The Necessary Steps To Get A TRP

  • We will let know, based on all the documentation and your case, whether it is better to file you Temporary Resident Permit at a Consulate or to do it at the port of entry on your way to Canada
  • Once this is decided we will guide you though the application process in either of these situation

4. We Will Prepare You For The Interview And Questions You Will Have To Answer

  • We have been through this process many times. We know the questions you can expect from the immigration officer at the port of entry. We will make sure you are aware of what questions they might ask so that you can answer them with confidence
  • We will make sure you bring everything that may be necessary for you to show at the interview and make sure you are as prepared as possible in order for everything to go smoothly

5. We Will Make Sure To Establish The Great Need For You To Come To Canada

  • On of the test that is done in order to asses whether a person shall be allowed to enter into Canada once he or she is found inadmissible and is applying for a TRP, is the Need vs. Risk assessment
  • This assessment is our opportunity to demonstrate to the immigration officer that the need you have to go to Canada – whether it would be your meeting or conference or visiting a sick friend – outweighs the risk that they might assume you pose the Canada and its people, because of your previous record
  • In this case we will make sure that with all your documents; the proper application; and your preparation for the interview, the officer sees that you are no threat to Canada and to issue you Temporary Resident Permit.

We will be with you from beginning till end, ensuring you make all the right moves to obtain your TRP. This and many other reasons are why you should contact us, because at Akrami & associates we help you achieve your goals!