Conditional Permanent Residency | Spousal Sponsorship

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In some cases couple fraudulently attempt to sponsor spouse or partners to Canada. The idea of conditional permanent residency was introduced to prevent marriage fraud and abuse of process. It is a way to test the genuineness of the relationship. The conditional permanent residency may apply to most spousal sponsorship applications submitted after October 25, 2012.

At the time you submitted your application, if you had no children with your sponsor and you were in a relationship with your sponsor for less than two years, then conditional Permanent residency condition may apply to you.

One of main conditions of conditional permanent residency is that the spouse and the sponsor must cohabit together in a legitimate relationship for at least two years since the time they receive their permanent resident status. If they are unable to do so, the sponsored spouse's status may be revoked.

Except this two year condition, conditional permanent residency provides the same rights and benefits as full permanent residency. Therefore, you are able to work or study, as any permanent resident would be able to. The two year condition is in place to monitor the genuineness of the relationship and prevent fraud.

As the applicant, it is up to you to submit proper documents that prove that your relationship is genuine. Many times, even if the relationship if genuine, lack of proof and proper documentation may bring suspicion to your relationship.

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