Can An Applicant Apply Directly To A Province Through The Provincial Nominee Program? | Provincial Nominee Program

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Yes, it is possible to apply directly to a province through the Provincial Nominee Program. You are first required to apply to the specific province or territory you wish to live within. When the government of that province or territory nominates you, then you can apply for permanent residence through Citizen and Immigration Canada.

In Canada, thought there are ten provinces, and three territories, not all take part in the Provincial Nomination Program. The provinces that do are: British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Ontario, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island, and Newfoundland and Labrador. The only territory to take part in the program is Yukon. Each province and territory has its own individual guidelines as to what they require for entry.

Ontario, for example, calls its program Opportunities Ontario. The program is still being brought together to adjust with the Express Entry program. This program brings in foreign workers to the Ontario job market; therefore, it is very employer-driven, like other provinces. So, if you seek nomination from Ontario, the perspective employer must apply for pre-screening of the position and have their investors’ investments endorsed. At this point, companies put in an application for the Labour Market Impact Assessment, but Ontario nominees are exempt from this process.

Once the position has been approved, your employer sends you the approval letter along with a joint verification form and the pre-screening form. Only after these steps do you then complete the nominee form. All the forms that are required are downloadable from the provincial governments website. The goal for 2015 is to bring in from both Ontario Opportunities, and the Express Entry pool a total amount of 5,200 foreign workers. You can easily find out what each of the remaining provinces and territories require by visiting their individual websites.

Most provinces typically fill their selected candidates in five various and generalized areas, based off of two larger ones, skilled worker and business entrepreneurs, Those are skilled workers, trades workers, investors, international student graduates, and also through family connections.

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