Lost or Destroyed PR Card | Permanent Resident Card Renewal

As a Permanent Resident coming to Canada for the first time, you will not need to worry about applying for your first card.

You should only apply for your Permanent Resident (PR) Card if:

  • You did not get a Permanent Resident card when you immigrated to Canada, or
  • You have a Permanent Resident card that has expired or will soon expire.

If your PR card was lost, stolen or destroyed, you can also apply for a card, but there are additional things you will need to do.

Lost or Destroyed PR Card

If your Permanent Resident Card is lost or stolen while you are outside of Canada, please report the loss or theft to the nearest Canadian visa office. Citizenship and Immigration Canada should be made aware as soon as possible to avoid any fraud using your Permanent Resident Card.

  • If you will use a commercial vehicle, like a bus or plane, to return to Canada, you must apply for a Travel Document. This travel document can be used in lieu of your Permanent Resident (PR) Card
  • If you are returning to Canada by private vehicle, there are other documents you can use to re-enter Canada.
  • You can then apply to replace your PR card when you return to Canada.

If none of these situations apply to you will face difficulty applying for your Permanent Resident Card. You may want to consider making an application with Humanitarian and Compassionate Considerations.

Fix a Mistake on your Permanent Resident Card

There is a different way to fix a mistake on your PR card. You can apply for a reissued Permanent Residence Card if the mistake was made by Citizenship and Immigration Canada.

You should note that name has more than 15 letters or your surname has more than 20 letters, the name appearing on the PR Card will be shortened. This is not a mistake and the card will not be reissued to change the name.