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Parental sponsorship was closed for a while but re-opened in 2014. The parental sponsorship has re-opened but there is a cap on how many applications will be accepted under the parental sponsorship program. The cap is extremely low. Only 5000 parental sponsorship applications are accepted each year. It means once the number of applications reached 5000 then you cannot sponsor you parents as permanent resident under this class. So if you want to sponsor your parents then you have to sponsor them before the cap is reached.

We recommend that you start the process of collecting and gathering your documents under the Parental Sponsorship Application in September of each year. This way, when January hits, you have all the documents and you can file the application right away.

Parental sponsorship program gives you permanent resident status. When you sponsor your parents or grandparents under parental sponsorship class that means they will immigrate to Canada permanently and they are also eligible for Canadian citizenship. If they wish to apply for Canadian citizenship they can, once they have completed the time period for citizenship.

However, super visa is a temporary resident visa. When parental sponsorship program was closed, Canadian Immigration Canada started the super visa program for Canada citizens and permanent residents who wish to apply for a lengthy stay for their parents.

Super visa is only for parent and grandparents not for visitors. Super visa is good for ten years. Once parents and grandparents received their super visa, they can live in Canada for up to ten years. However, they need can stay 2 years at a time. After 2 years they simply need to exist for one day and they can reenter without reapplying for the super visa. This is a great way to be reunited with your loved once while the parental sponsorship application is in process.

There are few qualifications for super visa:

  • You have to be a Canadian citizen or permanent resident to sponsor your Parents and grandparents
  • You must provide the letter which proves that you will financial support your parents or grandparents called an invitation letter
  • You must obtain medical insurance coverage for at least one year for the person you are bringing over
  • They will need to undergo a valid medical exam
  • You will need to meet the Low Income Requirement (LICO)

If you have further question about super visa and/or parental sponsorship program then please contact us today and we will help you move forward!