Overstay F1 visa | Overstay in the USA

Most visitors are given an I-94 card, this card states the authorized period of your stay. You will have to leave the U.S. by the date stated on your I-94 or extend your stay prior to its expiry.

However, F-1 visas are an exception. F-1 visas are given to students and the U.S. government realizes that academic programs may not have fixed dates.

Therefore, the authorized period of stay usually ends when the study program ends. I-94 cards given to students will usually state the annotation “D/S,” which means “duration of status” instead of the exact date.

It may become tricky for some people with an F-1 visa to determine the exact date their visa is expiring. Since the I-94 card may not provide the specific date, but it most cases you, as the student, are authorized until the conclusion of your studies – unless otherwise stated.

If you have overstayed after your study program has ended, you may have to return to your home country, and apply for another status. Your current status may be deemed void, and therefore you may be considered an unlawful presence in the United States.

The consequences of overstaying may be extremely harsh.

If you have overstayed and allowed yourself to fall out of status, act quickly. Having the right experts is extremely important in such situations. We are here to help you and will guide you through the entire process.

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