Provincial Nominee Settlement Plan | Nova Scotia Nominee Program

The Nova Scotia Nominee Program, Regional Labour Market Demand Stream, requires that you submit a settlement plan as part of your application. This unique application type does not require that you have previous work experience in the province nor are you required to have a valid job offer. However, the settlement plan you will need to provide will have to reflect your intentions in Nova Scotia.

A Representative of the Provincial Nominee Program will review your settlement plan and determine whether or not you would be considered a viable candidate for nomination.

This plan will provide the Nova Scotia Nomination Program with details on your plans for employment and settlement in Nova Scotia. This will be your opportunity to convince the Representative reviewing your application that you will be successful if provided with a nomination.

Further, this settlement plan will strengthen your own opportunity for success by requiring you to think through many employment and settlement issues before arriving in Nova Scotia.

The Nova Scotia Nomination Program is more focused on the quality of your research not the length of your Employment and Settlement Plan.

What to Include in your Plan….

The Settlement plan will touch on such issues as:

  • Your Intended occupation;
  • How you intend to meet the working requirements of your intended occupation
  • Whether or not your intended occupation in Nova Scotia is regulated
  • Any steps you have taken or will take to ensure that you are able to located employment in the province
  • Whether or not you will be able to communicate effectively in English or French and the steps you may be willing to take to improve your language proficiency
  • Your intentions to reside in Nova Scotia

This is simply a brief summation of what you might expect to include in a settlement plan however it should go into further detail. Your Settlement plan is basically your commitment to Nova Scotia and will be a focus of your application.

At Akrami & Associates, we have been assisting clients draft such important documents and will work with you to develop a strong Employment and Settlement plan. With our wealth of experience, we know what an Immigration Officer is looking for and can help you anticipate the Officer’s needs.

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