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The Canadian Federal Government established the Live-in Caregiver Program to allow foreign Caregivers to work in Canada. This may be of interest to you if you are considering hiring a Caregiver from abroad for your household or if you are a foreign Caregiver interested in working in Canada.

Once you’ve determined that you are eligible to apply under the Live-in Caregiver Program, and you have begun the application process, you have to consider the essential documents for your application. An important part of any application to enter Canada is the supporting documentation.

What Documentation Do I Require for Work Permit?

When applying under the Live-in Caregiver Program, the key documents that you need to acquire are the following:

Employment Contract

The employment contract must be in writing and signed by you and your Canadian employer.

The employment contract must meet the labour standards and working conditions in the province where you are applying.

Proof of Canadian Employer’s Financial Ability

The Canadian demonstrate must demonstrate his financial ability to hire a full-time Live-in Caregiver.

When the Canadian employer is showing proof of his financial ability, he can consider both his and his spouse’s income.

Proof of the Canadian employer’s financial ability should be in the form of independent third-party documentation, such as documentation from the Canada Revenue Agency.

Labour Market Opinion

You will need a Labour Market Opinion issued by HRSDC / Service Canada.

HRSDC / Service Canada will assess the potential position for the Live-in Caregiver in Canada. Once HRSDC / Service Canada completes their assessment, they will provide a Labour Market opinion (LMO) to the employer and Citizenship and Immigration Canada.

The LMO is an assessment of the likely impact that the hiring of the foreign worker may have on the Canadian labour market.

There is further documentation that will be required in an application for the Live-in Caregiver Program, but the above mentioned are some of the key documents that you will need.