Present a case under Humanitarian and Compassionate Class | Humanitarian And Compassionate Considerations

The Canadian government provides various options for people attempting to enter Canada, either to work, study, and visit or stay permanently. But they also have established rules and regulations that govern each category. What happens if all your attempts to stay in Canada fail? The Canadian government has developed the Humanitarian and Compassionate class (H&C). The H&C class is basically a last resort for immigrants to stay in Canada, by asking for special permission on the bases of humanitarian and compassionate ground.

In your application, it is important that you prove that you will face great hardship and prejudice if you are deported to your home country, and that you are already established in Canada. For instance, you can show that you have made efforts to improve your English/ French language skills, which shows your attempt to integrate with the Canadian society. If you have family in Canada, or have Canadian born children, jobs you have had in Canada, your assets in Canada ( bank accounts, RESPs, business vehicles), the taxes you paid, or any contributions you made to the Canadian society can help strengthen your case.

Another ground, you may be able to argue is if you risk persecution, torture or risk facing any cruel or punishment when you return home. For instance, if you are a woman and your home country is known to treat woman poorly, then you can present any articles or United Nations reports that may help you prove that fact.

H&C applications can be very complicated, as generally the chances of succeeding are very low. The way you present your case is extremely important. It is up you as the applicant to present a case that is convincing and your application is complete, as if your application is denied under this category, your only option is to apply to Federal Court of Canada for a judicial review or appeal. IF your application is incomplete, the immigration officers are not obligated to inform you of any missing information.

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