Humanitarian and Compassionate Grounds | Humanitarian And Compassionate Considerations

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Even if you don’t qualify to immigrate under one of Canada’s immigration programs, you may still qualify under humanitarian and compassionate grounds, according to Canada Immigration and Citizenship office; a person can apply on Humanitarian and compassionate grounds only if they meet certain criteria such as:

  • You reside in Canada and how well you are settled
  • General family ties to Canada
  • The best interests of any children involved, and
  • What could happen to the applicant if the request is not granted (any hardships they can face if they were to leave the country)

H&C Requesting Exemption

Applicant who is applying under H&C must show that mentioned above circumstances are indeed exceptional. If the Immigration authorities are of the opinion that such special circumstances exist, the individual will be granted an exemption from visa requirements and granted permission to remain in Canada as a permanent resident.

An H&C case depends on immigration officer evaluating the case who is the only one that can deny or support the case focused around their own particular evaluation. That is why it is very essential to set up an exceptionally solid case gather convincing supporting documentation in backing of the Humanitarian and Compassionate Application.

H&C After you Apply

An H&C application processed you may be called for interview with CIC, so it very important for applicant of H&C should not travel during their application process as this may cause to weaken your case.

Also, your application must be completed with all the essential the information filled in otherwise it would be returned back to you, so it is very important for the applicant who is applying on H&C grounds must prepare his or her case in strong standings.