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H-1B visa is a type of employment based visa for the U.S. This visa is granted to people who qualify and are eligible for temporary work in the U.S. In most cases they may have to work in a specialty occupation. There are various steps you may need to follow in order to apply for an H-1B visa.

  1. You will need a job offer from an American employer.
  2. The employer would than file the petition with the U.S Immigration Department.
  3. The employer would also have to file a Labour Condition Application.
  4. Once the petition is approved, you may be able to obtain a visa stamp to enter the U.S.
  5. Once you have the stamp, you may schedule an interview at the U.S. consulate or embassy.
  6. If the interview process is successful, then you may get an H1 visa stamp on your passport.

These are some of the general steps you may need to follow in order to receive an H-1B visa. It is important that you understand the role of the employer in the process, as there are certain steps that require the employer to submit various applications and supporting documents.

We can help with this process, and help you file the right application with the highest chance for success. You may contact us and our team of professionals will be happy to assist you with your immigration needs.