Types of Criminal Rehabilitation | Criminal Rehabilitation

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If you have been found criminally inadmissible to Canada, and your conviction happened several years ago, you may apply for rehabilitation. Criminal rehabilitation can happen in two ways;

  1. Apply for rehabilitation to a Canadian visa office or visa application center
  2. Be deemed rehabilitated

Before applying for rehabilitation, you must have applied and received your record suspension (formerly known as a pardon). To be eligible for rehabilitation, you must,

  • Have committed the offence at least five years ago
  • Have completed your sentence at least five years ago

If this is the case, you can make an application to a Canadian visa office or visa application center in your country or region. Once the application has been reviewed, a decision will be made regarding whether or not you will be rehabilitated and therefore have your criminal inadmissibility removed.

Deemed Rehabilitated

To be deemed rehabilitated, at least ten years will have had to pass since you committed the offence or completed your sentence. This is not for all cases as various factors may contribute to your outcome such as,

  • How many crimes you have committed
  • The severity of the crimes you committed

To be deemed rehabilitated, you can assess it yourself or ask a visa office to do it for you. If you know that you are eligible to be deemed rehabilitated, you can make your case at a port of entry. If you wish to choose a safer method, you can make an application for rehabilitation, asking for information only. This will not cost you, and once an officer reviews your file, they will instruct you on what to from there.

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