Misrepresentation Also a Reason For Denied Entry to Canada | Criminal Rehabilitation

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Most common reasons for inadmissibility are usually criminal or medical, but representing or withholding material facts may also be cause for inadmissibility. Canadian immigration law takes misrepresentation of facts very seriously, as they want to strongly discourage any fraudulent applications. The main purpose of the misrepresentation provision is to ensure that the applications are completed as honestly and truthfully as possible.

Misrepresentation can be used to deny visas at visa offices abroad or at the port of entry. This may also be grounds for removal once in Canada or for even refusing inland Canada applications. The misrepresentation does not have to be willful or intentional, but as the applicant it is your responsibility to ensure the truthfulness of your applications.

An example of misrepresentation would be, if you stated something on the application that you believed to be true, but was in fact false.

Withholding information is also a form of misrepresentation. According to the provisions under the immigration law, a person by simply remaining silent may misrepresent themselves. Not disclosing the fact that you have a criminal record or a medical condition will be known as withholding information.

Considering the importance of filing the correct application with the correct information and documents is extremely crucial to you getting entry into Canada. Any form of false or wrong information can impact your stay or entry into Canada.

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