How to Sponsor a Conjugal Partner? | Conjugal Sponsorship

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To apply as a partner, you must remain in a relationship with your partner for a minimum of one year, similar to the requirements for a Common Law Relationship. You must also prove you could not cohabitate or marry due to reasons beyond your control.

It is important to note that not all non-marital relationships are Conjugal in nature. You should not apply as a partner if:

  • you chose not to live together
  • there was not extenuating circumstance that kept you from living together
  • you are engaged to be married

A conditional period is required if the relationship was not present for a minimum of two years. The conditional period lasts for two years after the date your Conjugal Partner becomes a permanent resident.

To qualify as a sponsor, you must:

  • be 18 years of age or older
  • be a Canadian citizen or permanent resident
  • sponsor a member of a family class
  • currently live in Canada or live in Canada once the person you sponsor becomes a permanent resident
  • sign a mutual agreement and undertaking

Gather the Right Documents

  • Depending on your country of origin, you will require specific documentation.
  • Require a police clearance certificate for each county you have lived for six (6) consecutive months or longer since the age of 18. An original certificate is required.
  • A medication examination for all applicants is required
  • Aside from this you will also require proof to demonstrate the reason why you have been unable to be married or cohabitate together and qualify for the other mainstream sponsorship types
  • In addition, you will need to also demonstrate the genuineness of your relationship

The Conjugal sponsorship category does not exist for a means to undercut the immigration system but instead to facilitate and take into account all the relationships that may exist. Canada has based much of its immigration system on the reunification of families and seeks to do so whenever possible, if you meet the proper qualifications, naturally.

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