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  • Express Entry System will provide more possibilities to the employers and more opportunities to the prospective skilled immigrants.
  • As you can see from the wording of Express Entry it shows that Express Entry works quicker and easier to obtain Permanent Resident if you are qualifying for it.
  • The application processing time period for Express Entry candidates is six months or less once you receive the invitation.
  • In the Express Entry the government of Canada, all provinces and territories, and employers will be directly connected to the economic immigration.
  • Express Entry is beneficial for foreign national because this new improved job bank strategy will provide Canadian employer with a comprehensive pool of candidates. If the employer cannot find a compatible employee in Canada to do a particular job then the employer can pick any foreign national who is qualify for that job.
  • Express Entry will select those candidates who will be more likely to be successful in Canada not who applied first for any particular job positions.
  • In the Express Entry, the potential candidates will be assessed on the skills based ranking system.
  • The benefit of Express entry is that if you applied for as an Express Entry and you have fully completed your application form without any error, fulfill all requirements, and provided all required documents, then CIC is more likely to accept your application and 80% of cases from receipt of complete application for permanent residence to final decision.
  • If the candidates applied under any of the Federal economic immigration programs and the candidates meet the requirement of any of the Federal Economic immigration programs then they will be subject to Express Entry and that candidates will be put in the Express Entry pool with the other candidates.
  • This new Express Entry is also beneficial to the employers in many ways. For instance, by this Express Entry system employers can easily find the candidates who are suitable to fill available positions. It also provides great opportunities and flexibility for employer through linking Labour Market Impact Assessment (LIMA) and job bank Canada.
  • The Express Entry system launched in January 2015 and the job bank will be accessible to Express Entry Candidates.

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