Canadian Experience Class Application Process | Canadian Experience Class

When compiling any application, you should try and do your best to consider the arguments you are making and be sure to back them up with documentation. Every statement of fact that you complete on an application form should be supported with evidence. An Immigration Officer who is reviewing your application will rely on your evidence to support your claim. If your statements are not properly backed up, the Officer will be left to question the veracity of your details. This can lead to lengthy processing times if not outright refusal if the Officer requests further documentation or is not satisfied with the information presented.

This is why you need to put yourself in the mind frame of the Officer and consider what they might want to see when processing your application.

When an immigration officer evaluates your Canadian Experience Class application, there is a procedure they must follow when:

  • Receiving the application
  • Assessing the application
  • Determining eligibility – pass/fail test and interviews
  • Approving or refusing the application

The above is the actual process that every Canadian Experience Class application undergoes when being evaluated by an Immigration Officer.

First, the Canadian Experience Class Application is reviewed for completeness:

  • All application forms are signed appropriately
  • The Results of your language test are reviewed
  • Your fees are included
  • You have provided all the required documents
  • The application is date stamped and your internal file is created
  • A Confirmation of Receipt is sent to you

Second, the documentation you provided is reviewed against the requirements for the Canadian Experience Class. Your application will be assessed for:

  • Your Temporary Resident Status
  • Proof of your Language Proficiency and Test Results
  • Relevant Work Experience
  • Your Educational Experience and how it meets the criteria of your intended position in Canada

Third, your application and all its merits are weighed against a pass/fail system that the Officer employs to help make a decision on the matter. This can result in one of four ways:

  • If you meet the minimum requirements in all areas, the Officer may approve the application
  • If you do not meet the minimum requirements, the Officer will refuse your application
  • If the Officer is unsure, or cannot make a decision with the available information they may request further documentation from you
  • In most cases, an Officer should be able to determine the merits of the application without the need of an in person interview however they may still request one of you if they feel it necessary

Fourth and finally, you will be notified of the outcome of your application:

  • If you are approved, you will receive notification in writing with instructions on how to obtain your Permanent Residence Status
  • If you are refused, you will still receive this information in writing, outlining the reasons for refusal