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As Canadian economy grows in demand there are thousands of people around the world that visit Canada to business with Canadian companies, in order to obtain business visitor status you must meet certain requirements to enter Canada:

  • You must apply for a temporary resident visa like any other visitor to Canada,
  • You plan to stay for less than six months,
  • You do not plan to enter the Canadian labour market,
  • Your main place of business, and source of income and profits, is outside Canada,
  • You have documents that support your business application and,

You must meet Canada's basic entry requirements which are:

  • Have valid travel document, for example; a passport
  • Have a valid travel document, such as a passport,
  • Have enough money for your stay for the business purposes and to return home,
  • Plan to leave Canada at the end of your business visit and
  • Are not criminal, security or health risks to Canadians.

Cross-Border business can include:

  • Buying Canadian goods or services for a foreign business or government
  • Taking orders for goods or services,
  • Going to meetings, conferences, conventions or trade fairs,
  • Being trained by a Canadian parent company that you work for outside Canada
  • Training employees of a Canadian branch of a foreign company or
  • Being trained by a Canadian company that has sold you equipment or services.

On Arrival Business Visitor must:

You must have must have all the documentation to show the Canada Border Service Agency (CBSA) officer that you are here on business purposes and you meet all the requirements for admission to Canada.

Some of these documents are;

  • A valid passport or travel document that will be valid until the end of your stay
  • if applicable, a temporary resident visa
  • Letters of support from your business and a letter of invitation from the Canadian host business or a Letter of Recognition from Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA)
  • 24-hour contact details of your business host in Canada and
  • Proof that you have enough money for both your stay in Canada and your return home.

If any false or incomplete information given by business visitor, or if business visitor fails to satisfy his/her business purpose then he/she can be denied entry to the Canada , so it essential to satisfy the officer with all the your documentation and your business purpose.