British Columbia (BC) Provincial Nominee Program | British Columbia Provincial Nominee Program

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In BC the provincial government has decided tdivide the program intthe following twmain categories:

  • Skill Immigration
  • Business Immigration

This tware then divided by various subcategories:

Skill Immigration

  • Skill workers (Managers, Administrative Managers, people in the trades)
  • Health professionals (Doctors, Registered Nurses)
  • International Graduates with a B.C Degree
  • International Graduates with a Canadian Degree (Degree from a recognized Canadian University)
  • Entry Level and Semi- Skilled workers (Truck Drivers, Hospitality)
  • Northeastern BC workers (Temporary Foreign workers, working in the northeast territories of BC under the C or E work categories –occupation that only require a high school diploma or based on experience –mine workers, heavy machinery operators)

The process:

  1. You accept the offer from the BC employer
  2. You and your employer submit a joint application tthe Province Nominee Programs office
  3. The PNP office nominates you and you a work permit letter tapply or renew your work permit
  4. You and your dependents will apply tpermanent residence with the CIC , you will have 6 months tdso
  5. If Citizen and Immigration Canada approves your application you will be giving a permanent residence visa tlive and work in Canada.

Business Immigration

  • This category is for people whwould like tsettle and invest in the provice of British Columbia
  • Entrepreneurs(You want topen up a business in the BC are , your net worth should be $800,000, you would like tinvest at least $400, 000 and you want tcreate at least 3 new jobs for Canadian citizens/permanent residents and you would like tbring a staff member with you.)
  • Regional Entrepreneurs(You want topen a business outside of the Vancouver and Abbotsford metropolitan areas, your net worth is at least $400,000 , you would like tinvest at least $200,000 and you are willing tcreate minimum of 1 job for a Canadian citizen/permanent resident)
  • Strategic Project(Your company wants topen a BC operations office, your investment is of $500,000 , you would like tbring 3 staff members with you and you are willing tcreate minimum of 3 jobs per staff member)
  • Regional Business Succession Option(You would like tbuy and operate an already existing business in that is outside of the Vancouver and Abbotsford areas )
  • Farming Business Only(you would like start your own farm, in this option you have tfollow recommendations from Ministry of Agriculture and the B.C. Farm Business Advisory Services)

The Process:

  1. You submit your application and fees tthe PNP office
  2. The Province Nominee Program office will assess your application
  3. If you pass approval you will have tgtVancouver for an interview
  4. If you pass the interview you will sign a Performance Agreement, outlining all the aspects of your business
  5. The PNP office will issue you a work permit letter for you tapply for a work visa and be able tsettle and start your business in Canada
  6. Once here, the Provincial Nominee Program office will make sure that you have transferred the correct funds tstart your investment
  7. You will have timplement your business plan and make a final report tsend tthe PNP
  8. If you satisfy the conditions set out in your performance agreement, the provincial nominee program office will nominate you for your permanent residence visa and will issue you a nomination certificate
  9. You will use the nomination certificate in order tapply tCIC for your permanent residence. If you are approved you will be granted permanent residence in Canada.

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