BC Provincial Nominee Program for Regional Entrepreneur | British Columbia Provincial Nominee Program

As a nominee you are required to make a personal financial investment in the business you are establishing or purchasing and expanding business in the province of B.C. This category is for you, if you are to:

  • Business experience as a senior manager or business owner.
  • A viable business proposal that will bring significant economic benefits to the province.
  • The financial ability to invest in a business.
    • You, and, if applicable, your spouse, must have a personal or combined net worth of at least $400,000 obtained from legal sources. You must provide supporting documentation to support the net worth reported in your application.
  • Have or be eligible for legal immigration status in Canada.

To process your application, you will be required to

  • Make a minimum investment of $200,000 to establish, or purchase and expand an eligible business anywhere in B.C. outside the Vancouver or Abbotsford metropolitan areas .
  • Hold at least one-third ownership in the proposed business in B.C.
  • Sign a Performance Agreement with the province.
  • Create at least one new job for a Canadian or permanent resident.
  • Be actively involved in the daily management and direction of the proposed business in B.C.
  • Farming Businesses only - Applications proposing agricultural activities must include a feasibility assessment of the proposed business prepared by a consultant from the List of Eligible Consultants approved by the Ministry of Agriculture under its B.C. Farm Business Advisory Services Program.

The BC nominee program follows Canadian Immigration and Citizenship definition of a qualified dependant which is; qualified dependants are a spouse, common-law partner or dependent child of a provincial nominee. For the purpose of the application for permanent residence, a dependent child must meet certain conditions, including age and marital status.

The BC Provincial Nominee Program application fee is $3,000 CAD for the principal applicant. The BC PNP application fee is GST exempt.