BC Provincial Nominee Program for Entrepreneur | British Columbia Provincial Nominee Program

As a nominee you are required to make a personal financial investment in the business you are establishing or purchasing and expanding business in the province of B.C. This category is for you, if you are to:

  • You would like to start or purchase and expand a business anywhere in B.C.
  • You have a personal net worth of at least $800,000.
  • You intend to invest at least $400,000 in (and acquire at least one-third equity ownership of) the business.
  • You can commit to creating at least three new jobs for Canadian citizens or permanent residents.
  • You would like to propose one key staff member on your application.

Provincial nominee must have the following before application to take place:

  • Business experience as a senior manager or business owner.
  • A business proposal that will bring benefits economic wise to the province of B.C.
  • The financial ability to invest in a business.
  • You, and, if possible, your spouse, must have a personal or combined net worth of at least $800,000 obtained from legal sources. You must provide documentation to support the net worth reported in your application.
  • Have or be eligible for legal immigration status in Canada.

After you have been proved you are to meet these requirements:

  • Make a minimum investment of $400,000 to establish, or purchase and expand an eligible business.
  • Hold at least one-third ownership in the proposed business in B.C.
  • Sign a Performance Agreement with the province.
  • Create a minimum of three jobs for Canadians or permanent residents.
  • Be actively involved in the daily management and direction of the proposed business in B.C.

The BC nominee program follows Canadian Immigration and Citizenship definition of a qualified dependant which is; qualified dependants are a spouse, common-law partner or dependent child of a provincial nominee. For the purpose of the application for permanent residence, a dependent child must meet certain conditions, including age and marital status.

The BC Provincial Nominee Program application fee is $3,000 CAD for the principal applicant. The BC PNP application fee is GST exempt. The principal applicant’s spouse/common-law partner and dependent children are included in the BC PNP application fee .An additional fee of $1,000 CAD applies if a Key Staff is proposed in your Entrepreneur application.